Dr. Peter Michael Plourde (PKA "Professor Lyrical") is an artist and educator known for using the positive aspects of Hip Hop culture to empower citizens to self-advocate for socioeconomic change. Over his career he has released an impressive discography, with several of his early vinyl releases with his first group, X-Caliber, designated as "collector's items" often fetching in excess of $50 per copy. In the classroom, he has amassed similar distinction having taught over 100 courses in mathematics and music across a wide array of higher education institutions, while also earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Master of Science in Mathematics, and a Doctorate in Education.

Professor Lyrical regularly blends speaking and performances together into compelling talks and appearances utilized by scores of institutions and organizations looking to harness the power Hip Hop culture incorporated within STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) and education. He created an "albook," which he describes as the world's first album and book combination that share the same name, Put Em All To Shame, with the notable exception that the book is differentiated by the full title of "Put Em All To Shame (The Curriculum)." Sections of this book and album have formed the basis of his own curriculum, which he shares in his first Tedx Talk, "The Transformative Power of Hip Hop Culture."

Dr. Plourde is an Associate Professor at the University of the District of Columbia, where he also balances administrative duties within the Office of Academic Affairs for its Community College campus. Functioning as a faculty development specialist and directing the campuses' professional development programming for its faculty, Dr. Plourde is instrumental in helping to increase student success at the University. Formerly an Assistant Teaching Professor of Mathematics at Northeastern University within the Foundation Year first year program, Dr. Plourde had the opportunity to improve his own teaching methods over the course of seven plus years in the classroom and became the only instructor for Northeastern's graduate Math Methods course during his tenure.

A regular guest speaker and professional development hire for countless institutions and other corporations, Lyrical demonstrates how he evokes the power of Hip Hop culture in many of his own lessons and as a cultural backdrop for his courses. His 2016 dissertation is entitled Increasing STEM degree attainment for underrepresented populations and examines the role Hip Hop potentially may play for other STEM and STEAM educators and its impact it has upon the students' ability to persist and attain STEM based credentials.    -SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOS-

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Discography of Radio/Retail Releases:

12 inch vinyl single - Twist on Dis by Col' Medina feat. X-Caliber 1989

ALBUM/Casette - No Labels by X-Caliber 1990

MaxiSingle/Casette - Dance with the Rhythm by X-Caliber 1992

12 inch vinyl single/Casette - Butta Messenga by X-Caliber (b/w Le Miserables) 1997

12 inch vinyl maxisingle/Casette - Brand Name Women by X-Caliber (b/w Brand Name Women & Don't Make it Hard (Le Mis II) 1998

Single/CD - They All Call Lyrical (b/w Bring it to The Streets) 1999

12 inch vinyl signle - Why by Invasion (b/w My World feat Sickmen w/Lyrical) 2001

12 inch vinyl maxisingle- Salt by X-Caliber (b/w SickillTypeIsh feat illin' P. and Don't Hurt Em feat. J. Scott w/Sickmen) 2002

ALBUM/CD & Digital Download - iNFiNiTi by Lyrical 2005

12 inch vinyl maxisingle - The Focuz is Back by Lyrical (b/w Lyrically Rippin' feat Ripshop, Rags ta Riches feat Invasion, and Come with Me feat eNVy, off of iNFiNiTi) 2006

ALBUM/CD & Digital Download - The College Project by Professor Lyrical 2009

ALBUM/CD & Digital Download - Put Em All To Shame by Professor Lyrical 2013

Single/Digital - Get Lyrical by Professor Lyrical (off of Put Em All To Shame) 2014

Single/Digital Download - Pain Won't Last by Professor Lyrical feat Christine Scolari 2016

ACAPELLA ALBUM/Digital Download - The Lecture Series by Professor Lyrical  2016