“Professor Lyrical” is an artist and educator known for utilizing Hip Hop culture to empower citizens to self-advocate for socioeconomic change. A critically acclaimed and award winning emcee, lyricist, and poet, Professor Lyrical—AKA Dr. Peter Michael Plourde—has been a virtual case study for effectively blending the worlds of academia and Hip Hop. Chuck D of Public Enemy calls Professor Lyrical a "RAPademic reacher" and has publicly endorsed his "book and wonderful cd [Put Em All To Shame]." Lyrical's Tedx Talk, “The Transformative Power of Hip Hop” argues that colleges and universities ought to be more cognizant of the power of Hip Hop culture as a tool to help increase the numbers of diverse graduates across STEAM disciplines. Lyrical is more than a rapper with a moniker implying that he is crafty and intelligent wordsmith, rather he is an actual university professor having taught nearly 150 college courses spanning across 11 higher education institutions since the mid 2000s. 

Lyrical earned both his BS (Business) and MS (Mathematics) in his native city at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell while also releasing several nationally charted records (with X-Caliber, Invasion, and as Lyrical) and amassing numerous emcee battle victories along the way. Plourde earned his doctorate from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts where he also taught mathematics full-time (2010-2017) as an Assistant Teaching Professor within a model first year program known as Foundation Year and as the sole Mathematical Methods instructor for graduate students enrolled in its MAT program. The Professor's thesis, entitled "Increasing STEM degree attainment for underrepresented populations," has been selected as a featured dissertation by the university for "Improving the culture, diversity and attainment in STEM through Hip Hop pedagogy."

Dr. Plourde is an Associate Professor at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC)—the only public HBCU in the nations' capital and the only urban land-grant university the country. Plourde also serves as the University's Community College campus Faculty Development Specialist. New to the District, Professor Lyrical won the prestigious “Pitch and Flow” emcee battle in September of 2017 at the legendary Kennedy Center. Hosted by MC Lyte, the battle paired established rappers with international social entrepreneurs (Lyrical was paired with Kenya's SunCulture CEO, Samir Ibrahim). The Professor has been a keynote speaker, performer, and guest lecturer for a multitude of institutions, including UDC where he was featured at UDC's Fall 2017 Convocation. Lyrical has been covered in countless media publications, including a cover story in The Boston Globe, mentions in Essence, XXL, and Vibe, and features in the Chronicle of Education and on local and national TV programming as unexpected as Animal Planet and the Wheel of Fortune. His album, Put Em All To Shame, is packaged with an accompanying 200 page book, Put Em All To Shame (The Curriculum)The collective work is known as "the world's first albook."

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Discography of Radio/Retail Releases:

12 inch vinyl single - Twist on Dis by Col' Medina feat. X-Caliber 1989

ALBUM/Casette - No Labels by X-Caliber 1990

MaxiSingle/Casette - Dance with the Rhythm by X-Caliber 1994

12 inch vinyl single/Casette - Butta Messenga by X-Caliber (b/w Le Miserables) 1997

12 inch vinyl maxisingle/Casette - Brand Name Women by X-Caliber (b/w Brand Name Women & Don't Make it Hard (Le Mis II) 1998

Single/CD - They All Call Lyrical (b/w Bring it to The Streets) 1999

12 inch vinyl signle - Why by Invasion (b/w My World feat Sickmen w/Lyrical) 2001

12 inch vinyl maxisingle- Salt by X-Caliber (b/w SickillTypeIsh feat illin' P. and Don't Hurt Em feat. J. Scott w/Sickmen) 2002

ALBUM/CD & Digital Download - iNFiNiTi by Lyrical 2005

12 inch vinyl maxisingle - The Focuz is Back by Lyrical (b/w Lyrically Rippin' feat Ripshop, Rags ta Riches feat Invasion, and Come with Me feat eNVy, off of iNFiNiTi) 2006

ALBUM/CD & Digital Download - The College Project by Professor Lyrical 2009

ALBUM/CD & Digital Download - Put Em All To Shame by Professor Lyrical 2013

Single/Digital - Get Lyrical by Professor Lyrical (off of Put Em All To Shame) 2014

Single/Digital Download - Pain Won't Last by Professor Lyrical feat Christine Scolari 2016

ACAPELLA ALBUM/Digital Download - The Lecture Series by Professor Lyrical  2016