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“Professor Lyrical” is an artist and educator known for using the positive aspects of Hip Hop culture to empower citizens to self-advocate for socioeconomic change. While some rappers have been known to call themselves “Dr.” this or “Professor” that, Professor Lyrical is certainly the real deal. Lyrical earned his doctorate (Higher Ed.) in 2016 from Northeastern University and his masters degree (Mathematics) from UMass-Lowell in 2009. His doctoral thesis is entitled "Increasing STEM degree attainment for underrepresented populations." He is a full-time Assistant Teaching Professor at Northeastern University and a well-respected Hip Hop lyricist and freestyler extraordinaire. His catalog of published records dates back to the late 1990s, as well as his storied career as a freestyle battle rap champion. As an entrepreneur and event planner, Lyrical put together hundreds of events in the 2000s, including the historic Mass Industry Committee Hip Hop Awards in 2006, and again in 2007 (both at the Back Bay Event Center), which he helped to establish through the Mass Industry Committee-an LLC which he co-founded. Equally impressive is his lengthy curriculum vitae which includes over 135 courses taught over the last decade across ten colleges and universities. Professor Lyrical’s recent single “Pain Won’t Last” and spoken word/acapella album “The Lecture Series” were both released in the fall of 2016 and entered for nomination consideration in multiple categories for the 59th Grammy Awards (2017). He wrote the world's first "albook" - a 200 page book (Put Em All To Shame (The Curriculum)) that is packaged with an album of the same name. Together, the book and CD combine to create a virtual master class on production, lyricism, Hip Hop history and the interconnection of academia and Hip Hop culture. Lyrical performs and speaks extensively at colleges and universities and has keynoted multiple lectures, workshops, and other academic and professional events centering on social justice, education, self-betterment, and Hip Hop culture. 

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