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  • What the music, or magazines, are telling us about rap music and how good it is for us.


    I think it is just as important to conisder the source, as it is to consider the ads in the source. Now by source this is somewhat double entendre since I am talking about rap magazine advertising. But this sample was of a current competitor's magazine.

    By my quick count of this rap magazine, which I feel no need to even name (I bought it so I must, at least, sort-of like it), seems to be telling us about the intent of the music and its content and demographic.

    Add breakdown what the music is selling, or what is selling the music

    (not couting DVD/CD/Music ads, or other product placement/endorsements)

    18 (Hair, clothes, hats, sneakers)

    8 (alcohol)

    3 Tires/Wheels/Rims

    3 Jail Calls/Inmate Services

    3 Sex/Dating Chat lines

    2 Watches

    1 Speaker system

    1 Tatoo company

    1 HIV Testing

    1 Male enhancement pill

    1 Viagra

    1 High School Diploma (gauranteed in 4 weeks)

    1 Audio College

    1 Prison Official Pen Pal List

    1 Car

    1 Cigarette company

    So take the content with a gram of coke, I mean grain of salt, it probably isn't all that healthy after all.