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    1. Click this arrow to the left. "Consider It Art" I recorded this in 2001. I have a cool idea, but I may not act on it...


    I like this track Consider It Art. I first recorded it with Bob Nash at his original Wonka Sound. Well I laid it down with rough vocals. Then I redid it over at his newer spot, and then I redid the vocals with Nelly Pro at Scratchismz in like 2004 and released it on my 2005 album iNFiNiTI. Caz-1 produced it with me using records I gave him that I got from working as the Urban Music Director at WJUL that I would order double copies of. Actually the scratch from the record comes from TDS Mobb, which I already had. But the point is this....

    Why not make an album, or a compilation, whatever of old songs with new lyrics?  In other words like an all remix album using original instrumentals with all new lyrics. So I am saying just keep the hooks on some of them the same, and update the lyrics. Normally I try not to make dated references. But now listen to this song and observe the athletes no longer in Boston, the references that are ten years removed at least, and the actors who have died! Crazy to think how much has changed in the world since then, not to mention within my own career. 

    Though I am a big fan of this song of mine, I would totally say something different for the verses now, and feel I have improved quite a bit. Yet this song, flow and style wise for me, is not much different from a couple songs on the latest album I did on the Put Em All To Shame album (even though that album is intentionally based on a true school classic approach to production that was also featured on Consider It Art. Anyway, I think I am going to do this someday, not sure when. But it would be fun to record over my own instrumentals and redo the lyrics to at least a few.

    What should I name this other than a remix to denote exactly what it is?  I was thinking calling it "The Rewrites" or something in that vibe. Perhaps "Lyrical re-writes the past" I don't know, I am open for thoughts though. Peace.