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  • Lyrics for the album: Put Em All To Shame

    Entire Lyrics to the album:

    PUT EM ALL TO SHAME by Professor Lyrical


    All songs: Written and Produced by Lyrical & DJ Shame

    All Songs: Engineered by Robie Rowland, Recorded @ Echo Studios

    “No Doubt” also recorded & engineered by Jared Hancock at Surefire Studios

    Also written & performed by: *=Love Jones, **=Sickmen, ***=J. “Presence” Scott, ****=Chris Huang


    Chapter I. Get Lyrical


    The most sick with it, flows that are so intricate/

    Unlimited potential on instrumentals & instruments/

    "The determination, the dedication and discipline"/

    “The Focuz” never left, just the records get more intelligent/

    Growth exponential, the most exceptional specimen/

    Mental and the physical, both reflections of excellence/

    True credentials, so influential and relevant/

    I choose to be respected, do business as a gentlemen/

    See my profession is “professional lyricist”/

    Professor Lyrical, international appearances/

    Paid panelist, teacher, lecturer, analyst/

    Who nearly every weekend is speaking at different campuses/

    See my advantage is, understanding percentages/

    And represent myself with a bachelors that's in management/

    A few assistants but my persistence - I channel it/

    Ta truly be successful, yet still essentially handle it




    Flows poetical, words evangelical/

    Since Lyrical Lord Plourde was shortened down to Lyrical/

    Cause my material sort of borders on spiritual/

    Songs like psalms, my rap book is Biblical/

    Strong palms- I snatch mics like criminals/

    Delivering strong hooks that stick like subliminals/

    I break down what’s compound to mineral/

    And Elements like Euclid, intelligence I’m using it/

    Mathematically fusing It, rap classes and music with/

    Students at universities, universally proving it/

    Arithmetically, choosing loops in a strategy/

    Like Arabs algebraically battling back the Pharisees/

    Dark matter- my mind travel the galaxy/

    But battle anyone on theses streets, sleeping’s a fallacy/

    Naturally- what I bring ta the tables’ skills unlimited/

    Authentic like Shame on the tables- letting the records spin




    The irreproachable, flow the most notable/

    Clearly the most quotable, lyrically downloadable/

    Local and global respect, but still approachable/

    Lottery pick, blue chip, yet remain coachable/

    My approach to the craft, beyond devotional/

    Beyond contractual, skills are non-negotiable/

    Total perfection my goal- nobody closer to/

    Once Shame laces soul in the tracks that's so emotional/

    So poetical, authentic and lyrical/

    That often other authors want my autographed material/

    Now that's hysterical picture Lebron James?

    In a game signing his name on a ball for Dwayne Wade/

    A Shame, for you to beat me Lyrically when I'm recording/

    That's like tryna cover Jordan on the court while wearing Jordan's/

    Then watching the next morning as SportsCenter reporters/

    Say “no one is more poetic than Lyrical Lord Plourde is”





    Chapter II.  No Doubt


    Streamline, thinking up lyrics riding the Green line/

    Meantime, sippin’ on Coke, mixed with key lime/

    Free time, 617Live we primetime/

    Unified Theory of rhyme schemes like Einstein/

    "i" in the middle of M.C. for industry/

    June 17th- every year we make history/

    Shame on the tables, had ta bring my man back/

    Early in the nineties when I first heard him scratch/

    First heard me rap, going back through the memories/

    Two mass men in the Battle World Supremacy/

    I was in my infancy, wasn’t ready mentally/

    Mathematically mapped out- retrospectively/

    Life lies ahead of me, all of this was meant ta be/

    93 till iNFiNiTi was all destiny

    Definite with Chemistry, Shame cheffed the recipe/

    ”Jungles of the East”, left a Scientific legacy




    My life's symmetry, balance and flow, precise imagery/

    Master myself and my square- divine ministry/

    Rhymers mimic me, too few authentically/

    Genetically connected to God charged kinetically/

    Father resembles me, Mother Earth's telepathy/

    In harmony with all things- I bring forth the symphony/

    That’s the reason if most probably don’t mention me/

    Any season even in snow, heated with energy/

    My capacities’, much more I’m naturally/

    Adapted to the elements intelligence & faculties,/

    Fully functioning, Universities wondering/

    How ta have me come for the student body and governments?/

    I Try ta comfort them, teach others in front of em/

    Put em all straight in their place while still lovin’ em/

    Stare em dead straight in the face I'm straight buggen’em/

    And sell em more merch when I’m done I’m straight thuggen’ em




    Words impeccable, birth verses incredible/

    Classical, heavy metal, my genres span several/

    Soul is ethereal, swing like Duke Ellington/

    Rock like Chuck Berry, My role- very intelligent/

    Respect level is tough...and you can tell it is/

    Revered by our elders, loved like close relatives/

    Grace the Land with a flow, blow like Elvis did/

    Instrument's held lefty, burn em like Jimmi Hendricks did/

    My main difference is out of my brains spittin’/

    With change the game writtens, insane like Blake Griffin/

    Plus any distance I drain from highly accurate-/

    Highly talented, game is Ray Allen-ish/

    Well practiced and versed, looking instinctual/

    Only cause the work I put in is unthinkable/

    So next time when I'm rhyming at some Palladium/

    Remember all the time that I've put in the gymnasium





    Chapter III. How It Should Be Done


    Supremely Crafted, routinely mastered/

    Rhyme schemes, conceived in my dreams, my sleep's practice/

    24-7 been dedicated to rapping/

    While still finding time in between for multitasking/

    University Massachusetts my masters/

    Earned the same time making Massachusetts some classics/

    Teaching mathematics and university classes/

    And music with my students the fusion is fantastic/

    But don't confuse it, to battle me, that's a fallacy/

    Sun, I put the Earth on the map in this rap galaxy/

    My mentality, humble is what I have to be/

    Cuz even though I'm known as the best there’s a hundred after me/

    A hunted athlete, dumb to be humming happily/

    When half these crappy, happy go lucky rappers are tragedies/

    One minute I'm hot and the crowd claps for me/

    The second that I'm turning my back, their gonna clap on me/

    So don't grab on me, after I walk past at these/

    Rap shows, the answer is "no" I am not having it/

    It’s not happening, don't know what you expect to see/

    Typically, you'll find me perfecting vectors and matrices/

    Professor Lyrical, my material's basically/

    Made to be poetic yet spoken, more motivationally/

    So any vacancy, math, music or otherwise/

    I'll graph you out my digits like perpendicular number lines




    Who the most motivational, standing ovational?/

    Schooled in how to handle the tool, vocational/

    Mastering the manual, hand you a demonstrational/

    Able to train management, functionally operational/

    Just in case you- were not aware the repertoire/

    Meet your Butta Messenga, Legendary X-Caliber/

    Lord of the Lyrical, sword slicing material/

    Mastering the elements, Hip Hop's imperial/

    Mental meditation, I travel through several layers/

    Envision me cross-legged, somewhere in the Himalayas

    Even though my body is probably sitting in Cambridge

    Sipping coffee with some sloppy professors, acting all snobby/

    Nothing will stop me, from skipping through archipelagos/

    Spitting some acapella - with visual arpeggios/

    Freestyle material - coming to me in visions/

    So I listen, grab a pen, and convert em quick into writtens




    Overall, the whole game needs an overhaul/

    Study my movements, establishing the protocol/

    Who more meticulous? - speaking clear & articulate/

    The &'s my ampersand cuz I'm symbolic & Prince with it/

    White gloved Like Mike, but I'm still leaving my fingerprints/

    On mics so deliberate, some say that I'm Simpsonish/

    If yall don't know the story than you should probably look into it/

    Would probably win the Heisman if music had the equivalent/

    If I ain't one the best then Cam Newton is innocent/

    If dudes wanna test - I will let them cheat and look ignorant/

    This is why they call me Profess -or, just coincidence/

    Cause I just have a way with the words when I play with sentences/

    Even though degrees that I hold are based in numerals/

    Lyrically the way that I R.I.P. is fit for funerals/

    Or musicals, the way that i spit on stages eternally/

    So truthfully a name like "Lyrical" is no Hyperbole





    Chapter IV. Do U Need 2 B Reminded? –Featuring Presence & Sickmen of Invasion


    My flow’s preposterous-Impossible, novices wanting to copy it/

    Imposters pose Lyrical with their marketing and posturing/

    But, I’m more in the genre of the Dali Lama and Mahatma Gandhi/

    Or maybe Marley's Baby Mama Mixed with some Salvador Dali/

    Literally, Da Vinci with it, lyrics- Leonardo-like/

    Beautiful as a Hale Berry, while leaving with my model wife/

    -A lot of my life, has been dedicated to excellence/

    My regiments have been well documented as evidence/

    I never been one of them rappers bout hate & fear when spitting/

    Now my writtens' more quoted than Shakespeare & Dickens/

    "An architect", erecting up a Taj Mahal marblesque/

    Monument, "a Master of Ceremonial novelists"/

    Mighty as “Hard Rockers" the problem has never been confidence/

    Its modesty too much Cash Money & not enough Marvelous/

    Too many Remy or Aston Martin topics centered on profits/

    So it’s ironic they never be talking bout Jesus, Buddha or Muhammad





    Chapter V. Poeteacher -Featuring Violin by Chris Huang


    I am impassioned, soul that's old fashioned/

    A classic, a modern day Johann Sebastian/

    Beethovien, flow that's hand woven in/

    With finer strings then you'll find on a violin/

    Stradivarius, Master Artesian/

    On hand-blown glass, my craft is pure genius/

    The multivariate – flow for all season/

    Raps get tracked out on graphs that's Cartesian/

    So Thelonius, James Brown and Coltrane/

    Improper Bostonian, Old school as Soul Train/

    Paying homage to those dudes from old days/

    With Hall of Fame status and vocals like the O'Jays/

    So harmonious, motion so melodious/

    Musical choreography when spoken at the podium/

    The Professor, The Pastoral, Historian/

    Master of Ceremonies Poetical Bacca- Laureate




    The flow's so academia, hooded robe and regalia/

    The verses floodeth over, I'm so Mesopotamia/

    Holder of diplomas & scrolls with gold frames on them/

    Lower in the left hand, signed with old names on them/

    Poems I'm arranging them, paper is Origami/

    Folded over into a pattern sequential as Fibonacci/

    Rap on the instrumentals as lavish as Liberace/

    Elaborate as my bachelor pad- now that’s all behind me/

    Now my wife she lay beside me, so gorgeous upon the sofa/

    Now the Plourde's home aroma is so William Sonoma/

    Pebble grained leather in plaid twill with mocha/

    Mantle match the Mother of Pearl handle and poker/

    Senior Director of Investor Relations, with paid vacations/

    Punta Cana in December, on Christmas with reservations/

    Now we so Golden Ratio, so Alger Horatio/

    Going from "Rags to Riches" replacing what’s on your radio/

    Able to go from amateur, Provost to Chancellor/

    Shaking hands daily with Substitutes and Janitors/

    Soloist at the seminars, Intellectual Lecturer/

    Only one at the podium, known to be standing next to the/

    Mayor with one shoulder, the other's rubbing with debutantes/

    Delegates, intelligent- eat at elegant restaurants/

    Rest of us Ghetto Fabulous...blessings unto my Audience/

    All of my true constituents- still yearning for scholarship




    Highly conceptual, intellectual emphasis/

    Stressed in every syllable- still incredibly delicate/

    Infinitesimally balanced with spacial elegance/

    Save them to place in palaces, frame up my greatest sentences/

    I’m Feng Shui all day, come peep my residence/

    While still real enough for the streets to reap the benefits/

    My recent effort is, reading the recent evidence/

    I've reasoned that we’re needing ta reach the children with deficits/

    So my attention, is focusing more messages/

    Ta get em with the music, and making them more competitive/

    Better businessmen, better at every discipline/

    And better with the letters and numbers for younger listeners/

    So if you’re older and motivated as citizens/

    Then your participation as witnesses isn't "innocent"/

    Your just as guilty if you don’t make them apprentices/

    Complaining you’re too busy, just criticizing the President 





    Chapter VI. Moving Up –Featuring Love Jones


    Crack of dawn-you’ll find me up in the back of the yard/

    Its calisthenics every morning stretching out on the lawn/

    Practicing hard, don’t even need a show to perform/

    Just put me on any stage- and I’ll be working on form/

    Running the drills, how I stay sharp with the skills/

    In the coast of Cambridge Mass, but I come from the Mills/

    So run for the hills, still- no I’m not run of the –mill/

    But Lyrical might make a run for your Governor/

    Political still, we making the mills off of prisoners/

    I ain’t for the penalty, to many little Hilters/

    And I ain’t hailing nothing but a cab in the rain/

    No Chief, plus these Cabinets are hard to arrange/

    And hard to explain, most are just slogans for change/

    I be my own role model, in the Rover I Range/

    Drove through the plains, Logan – even flown on the planes/

    Or Fung Wah, find me flowing over tracks on the train – with Shame



    My whole method's-totally flow epic/

    Spend hours on the mic to sound like it’s no effort/

    But give credit, where credit's due - so check it/

    Some of its God given, most of its work ethic


    I live to record, that’s why they call me Lyrical Lord/

    Literature that I’ve written, keep em open for sure/

    Cause over the shores, at first I hadn’t flown before/

    Scared to fly, now find me on a word wide tour/

    Shame on the cut, in fact even Shame on the track/

    Half the reason of half of Mass got their name on the map/

    Engraved in wax, Invasion -and X-Cal go back/

    We owe are legacy to Shame, since he came to UMass/

    Inspired my rhymes, ta write like my life’s on the line/

    There’s no squares in my circle, keep my cipher divine/

    My geometry, diameter, circumference divides/

    That’s why Shame’s on the slice like he serving up Pi/

    Another tangent, my plans never to be cosined/

    Just do the math and draw parallels like equal signs/

    Speak your mind, please before I throw down/

    Cause I ain’t trying mess around with you Bozo Clowns/

    Won’t slow down, ain’t about dumbing it down/

    I’m Novocain for the brain how I’m numbing the crowd/

    They loving the sound cause they ain’t seen nothing around/

    A little substance could bring the club tumbling down/

    A little substance in their system and they stumble around/

    Once I hit em with the wisdom that be so profound/

    So for now, ain’t tryna place blame on you/

    Just sing the chorus before I have to sick Shame on you!




    This is that highly ceremonial, flow so matrimonial/

    Imagery, that’s so vivid, the lyrics more like pictorials/

    Much fame from the rhyming, with substance- no ice shining/

    Success is… “my wife crying, when I upgraded her diamond”/

    Never been one trying- to ball out to the maximum/

    Dropped the new iNFiNiTi, upgraded the Maxima/

    “Sky’s the limit”, Wanted to “push the 45 infinit”/

    Till I seen the Benz kitted, and pictured it all tinted

    Always been the exception, bent rules to adjust them/

    Addictive personality, verses – sent to perfect them/

    Classics I resurrect them- & futuristically twist them/

    If I Ruled the World, then Nas and Lauren had children/

    Skilled and Vintage, - from the Mill City bodega’s/

    Typically any given, now find me sittin’ at Strega/

    Tippin’ the waiter major, for making it vegetarian/

    And pullin’ out the chair for the woman I ended up marrying





    Chapter VII.  It’s A New Thing


    This is the track that us kats can rap to/

    That kats in the back wanna tag and graf to/

    BBoys coming in their matching track suits/

    Get down on the ground and spin around on their backs to/

    Techniques, DJ’s will scratch to/

    Mix and match to learn to adapt to/

    Youtubing it, video interviewing it/

    Improving it by noon a 100,000 are viewing it/

    Dude, I ain’t really tryna revive old school/

    Just tryna reach the kids and keep em from going postal/

    Cuz how we supposed to do what we supposed to?/

    When the youth ain’t close to you & won’t approach you?/

    You want results in the schools- teach ProTools/

    Then teach em bout the waves and the phases we go through/

    Then in math class, teach em ta rap fast/

    Percentages, investments, street scams and NASDAQ/

    Cause in their backpacks, probably the sad fact/

    These little Soldier Boys, they ain’t checkin’ for RasKas/

    But how they supposed to if they ain’t spoken to?/

    When even at open houses their folks feel “spoke to”/

    Unapproachable educators wont coach em through/

    Lack of role models when schools ain’t multicultural/

    I ain’t insulting you I’m tryna reach the multitude/

    Children is the future so it really isn’t up to you/

    What they wanna do, but I can probably promise you/

    The language of the world universally is musical/

    You keep preaching them Parish Sermons that’s beautiful/

    And I ’ma keep pressing EPs- Business as Usual




    Politicians are missing the whole point,

    They ain’t seeking votes, we seeing them finger point/

    Crab mentality, like cats who used to battle me/

    Who couldn’t really beat me, just wanted me beaten badly/

    Mostly physically, flows be too mentally/

    Upon a higher plane, to remain the same Enemy/

    Change identities, neighborhood celebrities/

    Superhero disguise the eyes they show integrity/

    Independently, Democrat or Republican/

    You need to pay attention to people running the government/

    Cause elected officially initially/

    Sometime still forgets effective immediately/

    And the media can be so deceptive/

    Over-sensitized attracts our attention/

    So pay attention to station’s agendas/

    And how they pit us against different races and genders/

    Just remember the words of Bambata/

    “Have fun, love, unity, peace,” and keep karma/

    And keep honor on ya like armor/

    Faith in the most High and we’ll rise like Obama





    Chapter VIII. This That -Featuring Sickmen


    Who got that ill serial killer skill material/

    Musical translucent flow, almost ethereal?/

    It’s “Lyrical-culus, wrong kat to battle with/

    My mathematical talent's more ancient than an abacus”/

    The most miraculous, lyrics upon analysis/

    Dope beyond reproach- that's overmatching all challengers/

    Quote myself cause there's no other analogous/

    No other professor with feather pens and calluses/

    Palace ofl X-Caliber jousting on wild stallions/

    The Ponce De Leon of the fountain pen battalion/

    Mic medallions swing loose with valiance/

    A trophy wife- my ring finger is platinum/

    I feel it’s obvious skilled as non-novices/

    The oppositely typical hobby for home offices/

    This is that positive, Bobby Brown, prerogative/

    Quietly understated yet overwhelmingly confident




    The young Spartacus, future Pulitzer novelist/

    Never was once a novice, was born with a sense of awesomeness/

    Improve the art like a view of the tomb of Mausolus/

    Authoring logarithms more beautiful than the nautilus/

    Touch the pencil to Temple- I am Artemis/

    Topics that's architectural, building our greater consciousness/

    Ain't got the foggiest, what I'm saying? It's obvious/

    But you can bob along or just nod your head with the audience/

    Enjoy the ambiance, now you hear where the party is/

    Cause with some call and response, I turn mausoleums to Mardi Gras

    With one caveat, never eating no caviar/

    I’m good up in ya Marriot, courtyard with a candy bar/

    Cause I’m a normal dude, yeah I like foreign food/

    Rooms with a view, but you don't have ta act all formal dude/

    I'm for the multitudes, find me teaching multiples/

    At multiple college universities on the humble dude/

    Been in a few magazines, graced the cover too/

    Used to tryna MAC on that cheese and chase them comfort foods/

    So in a month or two, maybe like a year or more,

    Check for the professor and you’ll probably start to hear me more/

    So please cheer me more- If you feel I'm dope/

    Cuz half these rap kats are Demi Moore, better when they Ghost




    My advice is why try and fight this?/

    Nicest metaphorical lyricist since Christ was/

    Preaching parables, running through endless battle drills/

    Military intelligence- scuba gear and a parachute/

    Running through obstacles without the use of opticals/

    My early morning workout is more like mission impossible

    My total disciplines keepin’ my subjects interested/

    Feminine intuition- I learned it from all my women friends/

    Invited them over cause they made my writing doper/

    Had 2 of em on the sofa, now they fighting to push over/

    Tryna to get closer cause they think I’m on some sexiness/

    But really miss- I’m really just a lyrical perfectionist/

    My only question is sensatory perception/

    Hypnotical suggestions and learning the true lessons

    Confessing ta priest and High Priestess of my genius/

    My wisdom was obtained from the knowledge that trained Jesus





    Chapter IX. Obvious


    Intense clarity, you are viewing a rarity/

    Glaringly till it’s obvious/novices don't compare to me/

    Fairly remarkable, how there is no one comparable/

    Unstoppable how I clobber competition is, comical/

    Bunch of comedians needing someone ta laugh at them at/

    Don’t even know their talent is/like one of the many Kardashians/

    Too many are actors and not enough of them practicing/

    Actually wanna be rappers just think its magically happening/

    Well I got news for them, skills I have are unusual/

    Musical super human more scripture than all Jerusalem/

    Improve perpetual, always room on my schedule/

    To better myself and my level of lyrical skills beyond incredible/

    Evoking excellence, sentences that I architect/

    The consequence, awareness of upper levels of consciousness/

    Confident of responses from audience's at concerts is/

    All positive, but that would be almost stating the obvious/




    Categorically - Lord Plourde's the authority/

    Majority of topics, got Hip Hop seniority/

    But more importantly, more and more are boring me/

    Forcing me, taking action, cause half of them's rappin' horribly/

    Sucking orally, suddenly, something's morally/

    Wrong when "Liking" songs to be "Friends" is called "Supportin'" me/

    Once it’s forcibly reinforced, your forcing me/

    To possibly, "Unlike" you in real life -like broccoli/

    Get all brolicy, follow a new policy/

    Cause honestly, most rappers are babies who whine colicly/

    Wanna be callin me "hater?” I probably know what the problem be/

    "Hit Lyrical up on Twitter, I'm bitter he wouldn't 'follow me'"/

    Well yall can swallowing, orthodontistly tonsil me/

    And anonymously call me and offer some deep apologies/

    Tell me your sorry, all softly speaking all wobbly/

    -Yall oxymorons- seriously be comedy




    Virtuosity, you are viewing a Prodigy/

    Putting them, all to Shame with a higher level of artistry/

    Our whole philosophy, simply to do it properly/

    Ironically somehow in Hip Hop, now that’s a novelty/

    Meet the, anomaly- one of the most modestly/

    Known names producing I'm introducing ya properly/

    To one of the most copied, so it's shame on, them/

    Spinning, them two tables I got Shame on them/

    One of the most fabled, imitated and borrowed/

    But shame would never say it he's, not a man of bravado/

    The Vinyl Reanimator it's the mixer extraordinaire/

    Battle winner and digger all biters beware/

    The type that is rare, ability, mixed with humility/

    Skills that pay the bills, more consistent than utilities/

    Simply I turn the tables now on DJ Shame/

    How nice you are up on the slice homey, please explain 





    Chapter X.  Flawlessness (Acapella)


    I am built for this with the skills and will travel/

    While yall "Semipro" with your flow, your Will Farrell/

    While my "Desire" is more higher than Pharoahe's/

    I am- not the typical rapper rapping about buying apparel/

    But- I stay fly whenever what's fly's classic/

    But It’s obvious I'd rather be drop-in on taking classes/

    I'd rather travel the atlas speaking at campuses/

    Talking about these labels instead of what labels on my pants these "is"/

    And I ain't knocking rocking primates on your pockets/

    But its obvious monkey see monkey do, when dudes go shopping/

    If you got it- drop a deposit on a vacation in the tropics/

    Cause a trend will come and go, but half of this stress is mostly nonsense/

    I've done concerts at colleges round the continent/

    Had continental breakfasts, at several different conferences/

    Corporate endorsements, with several of different sponsorships/

    All cuz these acapellas I prepare are spit with flawlessness





    Chapter XI.  It’s A Shame -Feat Love Jones


    Successful, sounds so stressful/

    That’s cause the industry we swim in's a cesspool/

    Woman are slaves, getting abused like sex tools/

    As lames gas em up like the price of jet fuel/

    The game's a mind field we all must step through/

    So guess who's- coming with all your rhymes to the rescue/

    -So clever, so fresh, no next dude/

    Could ever being doing it better if they cloned me in test tubes/

    But that's the problem homey somebody went and dressed you/

    With some designer name they went and pressed on your sweat suit/

    You’re not alone my dude, everyone else too/

    They show us on TV, we doing just what they tell us to/

    We all gelling to a tendency Central/

    Like Comedy- how television’s holding our mental/

    Mind control, taking over our pencils/

    Till the rhymes are all the same and we just change instrumentals




    The consummate professional, in concert or processionals/

    My vocals in a zone of their own - exceptional/

    So I take exception to anybody suggesting/

    That I would ever settle for less than total perfection/

    No question, the talent level is staggering/

    And proof of what a human can to do when we choose to master it/

    Choose to imagine it-, viewing your future happening/

    Establishing yourself and your music beyond comparison/

    Beyond the packaging, industry manufacturing/

    Swagger that’s artificially flavored faker than saccharin/

    Lacking the judgment, and presence of moral character/

    But listen I ain't judging, it’s probably poor parenting/

    Poor handling, horribly poor management/

    These poor adolescents need lessons in how to handle it/

    Promoting these acts as young, stupid and arrogant/

    Till insecure rappers act immature and embarrassing




    I summon the power –of the souls before/

    For I am the sum of power - of my father’s four/

    My heart is pure, my mother that I love and adore/

    Gave birth on this Earth to a Lyrical Lord – Plourde/

    So scholarly, flows none can follow me/

    Known for the way that I wail like Bob Marley be/

    So topically before my time/

    That I’m forced ta wear black to absorb my shine/

    Rhymes, revolutionize –do what I please/

    I’d rather die on my own two, then live on my knees/

    Do -what I believe, through time to achieve/

    Since preschool dude I presumed ta lead/

    I- never drank, never smoked no weed/

    I-just simply wrote rhymes and continued to read/

    Continue to bleed for the cause where it out on my sleeve/

    Cuz we all still slaves ta this Wall Street greed/

    Indeed, we just a few kids writing on your city blocks/

    Waiting on the public pools before somebody is getting shot/

    It's all budgeted, cram em in, crush em in/

    Turning up the heat, murder, then it’s no wonder it's/

    All poor folks, Boston to Norfolk,

    No joke killing our own, selling them more coke/

    Endless suffering, kats out struggling,

    Smothering each other popping Aspirin to Bufferin/

    But don't spend it if you ain’t got it, don't cop it/

    I see it dropped too often on a youngin’s coffin





    Chapter XII. Love Life


    Know for the most part, some is feelin’ ashamed of rap/

    So for the record- that’s why I called Shame for track/

    To blame it on rap? That’s probably a little to far/

    In the hood when these dudes go and shoot up a car/

    They never, ask the question “where the guns come from?”/

    Or ask the Governor one time “Where these drugs come from?”/

    I just come from another friend’s funeral this month/

    And plus at hip hop shows these dudes shoot up the club/

    Your beautiful love, why you tryna hang here for?/

    All night I’m hearing music calling woman a wh*re/

    She like “That’s all right I’m just supporting my man/

    Tryna ride or die and hold it down for my fam”/

    Listen- it’s all a plan in every urbanized district/

    Downgrade the services, jobs not existent/

    To keep us over the threshold of poverty/

    It’s practically impossible owning your own property/

    Receiving yourself a quality, education is probably/

    Harder up in the hood when these good school’s majority

    Places the priority, on improving the economy/

    Their tax base erasing what's faces most minorities/

    It’s kind of sorry, when if you have to move here/

    When even sports owners know, they having to revenue share/

    Continue to care, I’ll send you out a prayer for us both/

    A little patience, have faith and just let your stress go




    It’s like sometimes we trying ta plan the best for our seeds/

    And give em, some water to grow in their time of need/

    Even, rhymes they need they ain’t hearing no more/

    Cause Hip Hop’s now controlled by the sponsors of tours/

    And the media is owned by the same big four/

    Universal’s GE, of course supporting the wars/

    So it’s importing for, every gain that they make/

    And every music video they go and produce to be fake/

    You need ta, take your time try and age like wine/

    Cause all these overnight success stories simply is lies/

    And ladies all these dudes tryna get in your thighs/

    They ain’t bothering doing the fathering they simply gonna slide/

    Cause if he done respect you, he wouldn’t of sexed you/

    On the first night he met you, next day wont text you/

    So hear my plan let me lecture the next dude/

    So little man here can tell it next to his nephews/

    I know she fine and she look all good/

    She need a real man to hold her one who look all hood/

    Listen- she need a man with his head in a book/

    One who tryna get ahead instead of be checking his looks/

    Look, one whose responsible, by any means possible/

    One to hold her hand when she’s over at the hospital

    Holding down a job and holding it down for her/

    And shower her like God’s gift with frankincense and myrrh 





    Chapter XIII. Put Em All To Shame


    I’m vegetarian, I never have meat on a stick/

    I choose fruit, never loose, never beef over chicks/

    I keep it biz, never personal, endorsing your commercial to/

    Sell more of my own, in reverse a role reversal of/

    Fortune on the cover of Forbes before I’m 44/

    I’ve been in the Source before, it opened up doors/

    I want more, than just material, music up on your stereo/

    Lyrical cereal replacing Wheaties and your Cheerios/

    Heroes to me were people like Ida Wells/

    And Nelson Mandela, thirty years in a cell/

    I learned to rhyme well, listening to Kane and Rakim/

    The training begins, I started lifted weights in the gym/

    The brain of a kid, running wild like a slave on the run/

    Illusions of my own freedom, got me speaking in tongues/

    Like teachers and nuns, or preachers with guns/

    Beat us religiously, until your concept of individual identity/

    Is blended into the melting pot, felt not a thing/

    15 years later, all I see is the bling/

    The poetry’s gone, listen I wrote so many songs/

    With so many bars, it’s hard for me to know em apart/

    So where do I start? I file em by class and type/

    And memorizing them in my head in my class at night/

    The classic type- of rapper who’d be glad to fight/

    Battle anyone, and teach em how to rap more tight/

    A sight for sore-eye fight for the poor/

    With eyes on the prize, I’m sure of what we doing it for/

    Humans are more, than we thinking we are, twinkling stars/

    Metaphorically the truth lurks in knowing your start/

    Knowing your art, Noah’s Ark alone in oceans of dark/

    Closer to quarks in the heavens than a boat at the dock/

    Hoping to start, mad discussions on the start of it all/

    9 dimensions of the world, holding time in a ball/

    A fly on the wall, listening to all of yall squawk/

    Like a bunch of wining kids who lost their ball at the park/

    Spark the cipher still, writer whose ill, mergers and business deals/

    Forget the land fill want 40 acres up on Sugar Hill/

    I’ll walk into the office of a corporate exec/

    With force of a tech, and hit him in the forehead and step (with knowledge)/

    Weapons kept, like Magic and Bird, below the jersey/

    Extra heavy mad legend like Larry, Dirty like Harry/

    Now I carry black Mike’s in a case, my mic in a case/

    Just in case a player want to take it on stage/

    Make my way towards a doctorate, make a tender offer than/

    Buy myself a corporate apartment with Boston offices/

    A view of the Charles, maybe two in Nepal/

    Meditating like a Buddhist, find solutions for all/

    Youth at the mall, they don’t have a clue at all/

    Looking for some sweat suits and some shoes to ball/

    In two to four, we old enough to send them to war/

    The Senator’s wrong, he better start amending his laws/

    Cause his son shops at the same shop for Armani’s at Copley/

    With speech and dress a little more properly/

    Pronounced than the rest of us, in a fancy restaurant/

    Eating his croissants, thinking about the new shoes he bought/

    But he forgot, his pops that is he voted for war/

    To get him voted for congressional doors/

    Now North Korea’s going nuclear, in moments like these/

    We always send a few thousand more kids overseas/

    So how can it be, got little kids fighting at all/

    Don’t like it all, rich or poor, you’re still to small/

    Go back to the mall, shop at Barnes & Nobles and read/

    A book about the world we live in so global indeed/

    Locally need, more rappers who can read and write/

    Believe in the fight, instead of just believing the hype/

    So leave the mic, until you can rock it like this/

    And think you have something positive to possibly give - kids





    Chapter XIV. Do You Remember? -Featuring Love Jones


    For years Hip Hop has been lost in ‘stagnicity’/

    Cross over pop that lost authenticity/

    Eventually, grade school rap so elementary

    Mirrors our educational institutions identically/

    Eric B & Rakim, now ‘Whistle ta different Melodies'/

    A force now divorced like KRS & MS. Melody/

    Now Clear Channel and Viacom own everything/

    Reality is MTV - check the scheduling/

    We all obsessed with the private lives of celebrities/

    Privatizing everything -bastardizing the 70's/

    Got advertising executives living in luxury/

    Irresponsibly sponsoring causes of death and poverty/

    I know probably people think the majority/

    Of what we choose is freewill but not in no monopoly/

    Those with seniority, can manipulate minorities/

    By views that they choose on the news spewed dishonestly/

    We've lost authority - Hip Hop's now morally-/

    Challenged we trade our talents for small salaries- always/

    Similar businesses, using viewers and listeners

    Systematical slavery, institutional prisoners/

    Confusing us like idiots, most of us act like children/

    Braggin’ bout what we selling' inside of our own buildings and/

    Actin like buildin’ is totally out the question/

    To busy actin like we be grossing millions no question/

    Here's my suggestion, ta some it may sound blasphemous/

    We need more activists, rappers who rap passionate/

    See I ain't bashing another rapper like Fabolous/

    Just simply saying some of us need to spell it more accurate/

    With more confidence, mathematics like calculus/

    More congress law and politics interest in the establishment/

    Reestablishing what we gained from our guardians/

    And passing it on down again reacquainting the audience




    This ain't one of them club jams/

    This is more for the symphony/

    Orchestras in the mezzanine for the musicians having epiphanies/

    This is history, literally in the making/

    Choosing the red or the blue pill, Lyrical up in the Matrix/

    These are true skills, but still routed in basics/

    Charting the constellations, doing the manual calculations/

    Best seller potential on instrumental arrangements/

    But probably never will be until I'm named one of Oprah's favorites/

    Until that day comes its endless preparations/

    Advocating for reparations through community rehabilitation/

    Civic engagement, improving our educational/

    Institutional situation through constitutional compensation/

    Where standing ovations are the show of appreciation

    And the positive affirmation that we have achieved communication/

    Throughout the crowd and perhaps across humanity/

    Substituting humility into our swag instead of just vanity