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  • The Sherman Racists

    @D_MUST715 @Tull1210 @DJTheDaddy (just a very small sample of the hate can be found here)

    There are just so many racists twitter handles like these which I shouldn't be promoting, but just in case you are living under a proverbial rock, like all of these people who have posted clearly live under, I wanted to bring some attention on MLK day that the dream still needs to be dreamed. While I don't advocate cyber bullying, it is interesting that people don't at least call folks like this out very often. However, many rappers for example, have no problem calling each other out via social media. But here the enemy of ignorance is plainly in sight and most people don't really do too much in terms of overall bombarding of their pages. Yes, I realize in some cases that they want this type of promotion. But perhaps that can be balanced by the fact the world most of these backwoods folks live in must be so sheltered that they do not realize the vast majority of people do not think like they do. Not to say there aren't millions who do think the same, but I like to dream like Martin that at least MORE people do not. A show of numbers in their direction would be nice or at least more mainstream attention to the fact that one black player amped up excitement after a game on national TV is all it takes to bring these fools out. They are just beneath the surface, but willing to put this (the n word) in permanent ink. And for every kid like this who knows not what vermin they spill, there are plenty more too scared to say it, who may think it. I think exposure is the answer. Am I wrong?