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  • Sunday Spiritual Post

    Here is my Sunday spiritual post if you will: I do not care what or who you believe in, what religion, faith or philosophy you adhere to. As long as underneath it all you have thought for yourself to ensure that your actions are intended to bring as much good into the world as possible, and as long as you have given yourself fair chance to notice the cause and effect of the universal truth which we all have experienced, namely that when we do "good" it feels good in our soul as a positive reinforcement to keep doing it. By good, it is really a simple definition: doing the right thing, doing the thing that you would want done by another when you find yourself in a similar situation. This is it, and it can be this simple. If we adhere to this, we need not bicker over silliness, over what language your god (whom you have never met) speaks, over what he/she/it looks likes or believes, or lives, or other minutia largely responsible for the military industrial complexes that operate in this world to continue to profit over death in the name of religion (directly or indirectly). Religions and faiths are all the same thing in the end if we simply follow the essence of what I have written above. The funny thing is that what I have written is just another version of the golden rule to do unto others as you would have them do to you. Every major religion in the history of the world believes this core fact, the rest of it is largely either excess print of the same concept or human additions to whatever book you read it out of. It is that simple, be excellent to each other - Bill and Ted certainly had it right.