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  • The Pseudo Patriot...

    One major difference between the typical progressive and the typical conservative is this: one is "pro" country the other is "pro" planet. Of course, not everyone thinks the same and there are certainly exceptions, but a vast number of conservatives deny climate change and support big oil/coal, often because they simply support the characteristics of the leaders of those industries who often feel the same way (Trump's appeal as well). Being patriotic without being pro earth is like rooting for your favorite sports team but not caring for the sport in general. A typical progressive would be pro sport, and would want to make sure that a few teams and their owners aren't littering in every stadium they visit or dumping their trash on other people's property, Of course, progressives are typically pro country but not at the expense of wiping out other ones, colonizing them, or violating their human rights in the process. It is possible to be pro planet and pro country when the two are in harmony. Sure, this is idealistic but shouldn't ideals be the guiding principal and help define policy goals and initiatives?


    Anyone denying climate change in this day and age is not fit to lead, or is bought and paid for by special interest, essentially just like Trump's ENTIRE new transition team and part of his likely cabinet. However, many people are simply not supportive of critical thinkers and the personality traits often embodied by the people who tend to do the critical thinking. They are not traditionally the alpha-males whom many folks are simply just attracted to, and so strongly that they will reject the intellectual man, and certainly the intellectual woman. The anti-intellectualism that threatens to fill our entire government is a call to patriots everywhere. Those who love the country (and planet) should be moved to protest if not to revolution; cataclysmic change is likely just around the corner otherwise. And the revolution will most likely be very televised, as it should be, since it is one of the truest forms of patriotism any citizen can display. So save your tired lapel pin and empty holiday bravado because this is exactly what veterans everywhere have fought for, yet return home to a government that NEVER supports its troops in any meaningful way, especially when raising funds for them - then blames the Democrats and enact conspiracy theory when the real cause is all too obvious. But of course, this line of thinking would take a little critical thought so conservative Republicans ultimately win the argument, and many important elections as well.