Commercial Clients

Sample of customized rap songs created and performed by Professor Lyrical for various clients:


    Performed, wrote and recorded I AM College Bound commercial for the organization I AM COLLEGE BOUND (dot org) as a subsidiary of the New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF). Song was played as a regional radio commercial on scores of radio stations and performed the song and delivered a keynote at the NHHEAF annual event at Southern New Hampshire University.
  • American Mathematical Society - Who Wants To Be A Mathematician? (Game Show)

    Game Show produced by the AMS "Who Wants To Be A Mathematician" Song/Performance Video:
  • Apollo/HP

    As part of X-Caliber, created and performed a song for Apollo and its Corporate Sales Kickoff held in the Boston Copley Place Marriott. Song appeared in physical recorded form and on audio newsletter for the entire corporation.
  • Converse

    Converse - Magic/Cons X-Caliber Commercial Rap Song - Converse Magic Written by Lyrical Lord Plourde (Professor Lyrical)/X-Caliber
  • Xanthus Sneakers

    Sneaker of Xavier McDaniel former NBA ALL-STAR Sneaker of Xavier McDaniel former NBA ALL-STAR Song written as part of endorsing package for Xanthus. "I step on the court in Xanthus sneakers, the people want to meet us/Cause the X gets respect check it no one is able to beat this/Triple x threat coming correct with style and flavor/X-Caliber's in Xanthus and here comes Xavier/Jumping, Dunking, slamming the pumpkin look at his feet Xanthus..."

    Song created for the Celtics Stay in School event. Performed at the Stay in School annual event by Professor Lyrical (also the keynote speaker)
  • Rhythm, Rhyme and Results/

    "Sun, Earth, Moon" Educational Song, written and performed by Professor Lyrical for RRR, listened to by hundreds of thousands of students to teach science of gravity and impact of the moon and sun on the Earth.
  • Nick Paleologus

    Nick Paleologus for Lt. Govenor - Campaign Commercial Written by P.Plourde(Professor Lyrical)/X-Caliber. This campaign won best media campaign during the election cycle.
  • WNBA - Washington Mystics/Deloitte (STEM & MYSTICS themed rap song) -MYSTICSTEM

  • Pitch & Flow/Sunculture

    Created award winning rap song for Sunculture - Contracted by Pitch & Flow to write, record, and perform rap song for Sunculture (Kenya, Samir Ibrahim, CEO).
  • JAM'N94.5

    Wrote several "Sports Rap Ups" for Jam'n Morning Shows with Pebbles & Ramiro. These 1 minute rap summaries featured issues pertaining to sports in Boston from the previous day/week of high interest as well as other small topics relevant to the show and its fans.