EVENTS (Very incomplete list)


Posted by Nancy Ferreira on Sunday, March 20, 2016

                                   EVENTS NOT UPDATED FROM 11/15/16-6/15/16

·  6/03/16    Berklee College (Boston) –Association of Pop Music (APME) Conference, Speak/Perform 

 · 4/08/16    Salem State University, -Hip Hop Conference, Speaking/Performing 

·  3/19/16    SEIU1199 Union Hall (Dorchester, MA), Hip Hop 4 Flint Boston –Performance

·  3/05/16    333 Tremont, Boston, MA –Cipher Divine, Hip Hop Education (Lyricism), Performance

 · 2/18/16    MIT (Cambridge, MA) -Professor Karatsolis Rhetoric Class visit, Discussion/Performance

 · 2/08/16    Landmark College (Putney, VT) -The Process of Self-Betterment and Redefining your Identity, Performance/Talk

 · 1/20/16    UTEC (Lowell, MA) -Lyricism contest, discussion and performance, Performance/Talk

 ·12/16/15    UTEC (Lowell, MA) -Lyricism discussion and performance, Performance/Talk

 · 7/28/15    Northeastern Univ. [Westin Copley Hotel (Boston)] -Completing the Doctoral Thesis Proposal, Panelist

 · 5/02/15    York University (Toronto) -Critical Ethnic Studies Conference, Performance/Talk

 · 4/16/15    Northeastern Univ. (Boston) -Toastmasters Talk, Speaking/Performing

 · 3/27/15    Salem State University -Hip Hop Conference, Speaking/Performing 

 · 3/17/15    Northeastern Univ. (Boston) -Texpo Keynote Address

 · 4/03/15    Last Safe & Deposit Co. (Lowell, MA) -Hip Hop Concert, Speaking/Performing  

· 10/31/14    Equinox Resort –UPCEA Higher Ed. Confr. (Manchester, VT), Feat. Speaker/Performance

 ·10/01/14    Tech Boston Academy, Dorchester, MA –Presentation/Talk w/students

 ·9/27/14      UMass-Lowell -University Crossing –Performance

· 9/11/14      Central Connecticut State University –Performance

· 6/26/14      Dot2Dot Cafe, Dorchester, MA, Performance 

· 6/02/14      Silver Lake Regional Middle School (Kingston, MA) –Presentation/Performance  

· 5/22/14      Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Boston Celtics "Stay in School" event, Keynote Speaker/Performance  

·  5/09/14     TEDx PiscataquaRiver –The Transformative Power of Hip Hop Culture, Featured Speaker

·  5/08/14     Boston College –Hip Hop, It’s History, It’s Effects, Featured Panelist/Performer

·  2/26/14     Emerson College –Victory Stride, 60 Yrs of Civil Rights Prog., Feat. Speaker/Perform

·  2/20/14     UMass-Boston –Class Presentation w/Dr. Pacey Foster (Creative Markets and Hip Hop), Speaker

·  2/19/14     Boston College –Black History Month (Hip Hop & Black History), Panel/Speaker

· 12/28/13    HoneyPot –Seabrook, NH Performance 

· 11/24/13    Spotlight Tavern, Beverly, MA, Performance

· 11/16/13    Loft Sessions, Kendal Square, Cambridge, MA, Panel/Performance

·  10/12/13   Miller's Homeport, South Dartmouth, MA -MC BATTLE, Host–

·  10/11/13   Bristol Community College –Gateway Program Guest Speaking Event, Speaker/Performance 

·  9/26/13     Metropolitan State U. of Denver –Sankofa Lecture Series, Featured Speaker/Workshop

·  9/19/13     Univ. of Illinois Chicago -Academic Paper/Panel Presentation

·  9/15/13    The Lizard Lounge, Feature Performance, Cambridge, MA –Performance

·  9/03/13     Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Incoming Student Event, Emcee/Host/Speaker/Performance 

·  8/24/13    YMCA (Chinatown), Boston MA –Performance

·  7/22/13     Northeastern Univ. (Boston) -Boston Parks & Recreation Summer Concert, Emcee/Performance

·  5/23/13     Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Boston Celtics "Stay in School" event, Keynote Speaker/Performance 

·  10/12/12   MIT Media Lab –Museum of Science/Intel Computer Clubhouse, Speaker/Performance

·  5/23/12     Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Boston Celtics "Stay in School" event, Keynote Speaker/Performance  

·  4/12/12     Monmouth U. –Increasing STEM Degree Attainment for Under Represented Minorities, Acad. Paper

·  3/24/12     SNHU Southern NH University –NHHEAF Destination College Keynote, Speaker/Performance 

·  3/23//12    New England Institute of Art (Boston) –College wax cylinder recording w/John Krivit, workshop

·  11//10/11  Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Sickle Cell Event w/ Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Host/Performance  

·  10//29/11  MCI Norfolk State Prison –La Familia and Young Father's Event, Speaker/Performance 

·  10/28/11   Northeastern University (Boston) –LASO.CVS @ AfterHours w/Yunel Cruz, Performance 

·  8/21/11     Northeastern University (Boston) –Color in Freedom, Speaker/Performance 

·  8/14/11     Possible Project (Cambridge) –High School student entrepreneurialism talk, Speaker/Performance 

·  8/11/11     CCSC, Community Charter School of Cambridge –Career Glimpse, Speaker/Performance 

·  5/26/11     Northeastern U. (Boston) –Boston Celtics "Stay in School" event, Keynote/Performance 

·  3/26/11     SNHU Southern NH University –NHHEAF Destination College Keynote/Performance

·  12/02/10   New England Institute of Art (Boston), Speak/Performance

·  12/01/10   Northeastern University (Boston) –Class Presentation w/Prof. Emmett Price, Speak/Performance

·  10/24/10   Showa Institute of Japan (Boston), Speak/Performance

·  5/04/10     Showa Institute of Japan (Boston), Speak/Performance

·  4/22/10     Bay State College –Haley House (Dorchester), Performance/Benefit 

·  3/28/09     SNHU Southern NH University –NHHEAF Destination College Readiness, Speak/Performance

·  3/12/09     Curry College –Healthy Choices W/District Attorney Keating, Speak/Performance

·  5/07/08     Northeastern University –Sports in Society, Speak/Performance  

·  4/21/08     Harvard Grad School of Ed. –Black Student Union Youth Day, Speak/Performance

·  3/22/08     SNHU Southern NH University –NHHEAF "How College Made the Difference," Panel/Performance

·  2/19/08     Berklee College –Songwriting Department Guest Lecturer, Speak/Performance 

·  4/21/07     Harvard Grad School of Ed. –Black Student Union Youth Day, Speak/Performance

·  4/20/07     Bristol Comm College –NE Mathematical Assoc. of  2 Year Colleges, Performance

·  4/06/07     Bentley College –"The Business & Culture of Hip Hop," Speak/Performance

·  4/05/07     Bentley College –"The Business & Culture of Hip Hop; Historical Context," Lecture/Performance 

·  4/03/07     Eastern Nazarene College –Youth Violence Prevention, Keynote Speaker/Performance

·  3/17/07     Plymouth State College –8th NHHEAF Destination College, Panel/Performance

·  2/26/07     Harvard Graduate School of Ed. –Screening of "Beyond Beats & Rhymes," Panel/Workshop 

·  2/01/07     Emmanuel College –Screening of "Beyond Beats & Rhymes,” Panel

·  1/23/07     Democracy Center Harvard Sq/Harvard –Screening of "Beyond Beats & Rhymes,” Panel 

·  11/04/06   New England Institute of Art –IBS Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), Panel