Invasion is a three man team consisting of Sickmen (Dred), Lyrical, and Presence (J. Scott). The group formed in the early 2000s and went on to produce two 12-inch maxi singles receving tremendous local and national underground radio support. The vinyl releases included the highly successful singles "Why" and "Salt" as well as backing support with tracks such as "My World" (Featuring Sickmen w/Lyrical), "Don't Hurt Em" (Featurring Presence w/Sickmen), and "SickillTypeIsh" (Featuring Sickmen w/illin' P.).

Invasion was initially formed to help promote the solo career of Lyrical after venturing out from his previous underground powerhouse of X-Caliber ("Butta Messenga" & "Brand Name Woman"). However, after Dred successfully recruited his cousin Jason Scott to add to the mix, the three realized their similar passions were well served as a group and not just a promotion entity and label operation. Professor Lyrical often records with and performs with Invasion members at many events.

Dred continues to release solo tracks which also feature Invasion members with much of the production coming from legendary underground Hip-Hop producer MadSol Desar.


Dred is a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts where the three members of Invasion mutally lived and set up their headquarters. Dred is one of the original Cambridge emcees, who was known early for his impressive freestyle abilities. Recording and performing with the legendary DJ Ninja B, Dred made several early records that made noise on the Boston underground sceene. Ninja and DJ Shame are the only two DJ representatives from Massachusetts ever to be picked to compete in the NMS World Supremacy battle, and Lyrical is the only emcee ever chosen to compete in the MC Battle For World Supremacy as well. This is how Lyrical and Dred met one another - Lyrical was competing in the MC Battle the same year Ninja was in the DJ competition. Lyrical and Dred ironically met in NYC even though both are natives of Massachusetts.