Check the rhymes yall/Check the rhymes


    Let me try to define MASCULINE/ Pushing my baby's carriage at quarter to four, to the corner store to try to buy child Aspirin/ Afterwards given a bath to him, not only when Mommy is traveling/ But part of my everyday song & dance, loving the chance to splash with him/ Counting and doing math with him, Beat-boxing, I rap with him/ Tackle him like most dads, but really loving whenever I nap with him/ Going to music class with him, but my greatest satisfaction is/ Perhaps just looking after him, putting myself after him/ Knowing that I was inadequate, before him, sort of an average/ Version of a person living his life with little purpose/ But certainly not on purpose, not saying I ever felt worthless/ Just not aware of, what it really meant, to live a life of service/ Cause now I'm more compassionate, more concerned, an activist/ Before I'd go to war for the cause, but now I'm much more pacifist Cause what has happened, is now that I am a parent/ Things I never saw before- are now much more apparent
  • Confidence

    Hip Hop gave me confidence, express my self publicly/ Done 1000 shows, run my own companies/ A lovely wife, in my life, how she had come to me/ Through music, like her vocals on tracks when they accompany/ Working hard for my Queen, grind of a bumble bee/ Now I teach the world through my words, still it humbles me/ Hug my son once he wakes, his love comforts me/ Makes it hard ta hate on another, remaining ugly/ Be the best I can be, evolved culturally/ Involved in my community, Living life more productively/ Collecting checks as they come, semi-monthly/ Soaking net utility up like electric companies/ Documentaries, studying more on publishing/ Reading whatever's written, investigating, discovering/ Learn the lessons through lyrics and keep uncovering/ Methods and hidden gems effective to lessen suffering

  • Close to Me

    Perfect the thoughts in my mind, release em vocally/ Getting my Omarion, doing it how it's pose to be/ Religiously, every few years, clutching they rosary/ So below the bar that I set, they hardly notice me/ Every bar I write is a rep, that's why locally/ The rep for every set that I press, a record globally/ You can tell I step with finesse, but flow ferociously/ The whole approach I bring to the art: there's no one close to me/Trust me, you don't know me, and I ain't saying it boastfully/But why try and follow a mold that's so woefully/Horribly constructed and architecturaly flawed/The average paying fan has to force themselves to applaud/These Ponzi rhyme schemes, and meaningless bar frauds/From these D LEAGUE rappers masquerading as stars/As far as talent, evaluate all you want/It goes beyond o's and x's, so I just measure the heart
  • The Paragon

    The Paragon-, the prototypical Capricorn/ With the beast mode of a Mastodon When I minister as if I'm Farrakhan/ Study my bibliography -topically Isaac Asimov/ Spit mathematical jargon in the direction of New Babylon/ One of the best there is -there is no question- check my catalog/ Messenga that's been Buttas, before most any had heard of X-Caliber/ Battlers at the Seminar, with the Skillz that's Supernatural/ So go rehearse your freestyle, while I just do what comes natural/ Autobiographicals- as classical in their content/ As anything ever conducted by Lockhart in his concerts/ Conceptually, intellectually, eventually- comprehension/ Beyond words or any awards for now just honorably we're mentioned/ Exceptionally well Chronicled, cause most dudes are all facades/ So producers seeking to leak me more than Julian Assange/ Unusually calm, collective, cool- once I respond/ Till I assassinate the Osamas, with the Barack Obama Charm-and I'm gone
  • Beyond Confidence

    The Apocrypha, Vocal Cinematographer/ Pulitzer Prize Photographer, once I enter your ocular/ Any topic I author's now automatically popular/ Conquering any genre -I rock on Hip Hop to Opera/ Scholar & Academic, A Mathematics Philosopher/ Bachelor and a Master who went and mastered the Doctorate/ This is beyond confidence, honestly I am positive/ Lyrics that I emit have a Cosmological Consciousness/ Gifts that are God Given, just listening to the audience/ Its obvious, no secret, I can not keep them anonymous/ Even when ghost written, my flows they spit em and copy em/ But something bout em's different, and just a little bit sloppier/ You are witnessing probably the, most consistent barometer/ Who is pressure resistant? Travolta, truly Phenomena?/ Globally no thermometer has ever measured more hotter than/ Excuse me for my arrogance, You are not in this argument/
  • Dominant

    Dominant skills, at a peak, a young Dominique Wil/ To succeed with the speech, dominating at will/ The Human Highlight, kids still study the film/ Undeniable, filth so disgustingly ill/ Fill the lane with the windmill, signature moves/ The Johnie Gillest out the crew, any group I improve/ Yall dudes, waste time, I don't spit that nonsense/ I just bring the Revolution like Prince in concert/ Different topics, like prisons and profits/ Industrial complexities preferring us jobless/ Half of congress got a problem with progress/ And promise to just conserve it once they get into office/ The other half, still seeming lethargic/ Clearly, lacking the acumen, ta Reason with Logic/ A pro's tool, choose well and keep sharpened/ And be certain a Master Craftsman never shops for a bargain
  • Masterful Bars

    Masterful bars, how I keep em like classical cars/ Well maintained, reveal em and it's massive applause/ Beyond, the respect, I don't seek it, it's just something I get/ Perfecting the craft, the buy-product of a product that's fresh/ You buying the best, local ingredients when needing to chef/ Something splendid, so never settle, anything's less/ That's why they suggest: Professor Lyrical, for closing address/ Or hosting a fest/Or simply speaking on the things he know best/ Social unrest, civic engagement, and the total effect/ Of education on the whole, as a global event/ Known to invent, poetic verses to the dopest extent/ My whole purpose, is purposeful decisive intent/ From mics that I clench, use my voice to embody the fact/ Limitless power, my platform's been rooted in rap/ The boom and the bap, but let's be truthful, we've matured with the rhymes/ Still keep it youthful, choosing topics that endure over time

    Massively skilled/ Script verses so classically ill/ Get chills just thinking what the ink might build/ Something palatial, like something outta Beverly Hills/ Yet monumental, don't make me bring the chisels and drills/ On instrumentals, potential unseen for years/ Lyrics of fury, as judged by my jury of peers/ Authority's here-my opinion, the majority shares/ Board of Directors, Professor's got majority shares/ Security cleared, seat at the table-a luxurious chair/ Pole position-perceive it like I'm already there/ Abundantly clear, my sheer tenacity's tremendously rare/ Well prepared to speak the words and spit these verses for years/ Ideas, crystal clear that formulate in the sphere/ Near-fluorescence, my essence puts the darkness in fear/ Solemnly swear, total devotion, to the craft I perfect/ With all the quality precision that you've grown to expect
  • Invincible Bars

    My principal cause; with pen-skills—build invincible bars/ Been ill with the pencil since initial applause/ Still, when my pen is illin’, give the sickest response/ Miles Morales~how my talents bend these physical laws/ Multi-ple verses, I disperse em out—reciprocally charged/ Tryna Dodge me, that’s Ben Stiller— Greet these Faulkers with charm/ Got the Soul of a J-Dilla, in his posthumous songs/ So its preposterous when novices think Lyrical’s gone/ In sensible garb, fit for a general-gentleman, or a Czar/ Even my sentences themselves seem to assemble on call/ Y'all know my repertoire, and pen-name—identity’s known/ My total Endgame’s fearless—got iNFiNiTi stones/ Instinctively poems, so convincing, and distinctive in tone/ Said so rhythmically in sync feel like I’m Joey Fatone/ Slowly I’ve grown into the pinnacle—Divinities chose/ Command ya tablets, leaving em shattered, -On my Moses Malone

    Antiseptically clean, take the lead, like the principal star/ Pure Vibranium, forging them invincible bars/ My literal cause, become synonymous, in title and deeds/ Profess Lyrically, owner of the title & deed/Indeed, degrees gained, acquisition of skills/ Precise marksmen, capable imposing my will/I drill, for days endless- that's Halliburton/ On or off-sure, sea, battle is certain/ This that Lord Plourde pure, X-Caliber, swordsman/Norsemen Thor grip got me liftin the sword with/Adorned with praise/ Decorated, how I fashion the blade/ Few are Worthy, at showtime, they dubbin' me James/ My government name's, got a ring Like DC or Marvel/ Since I've come to DC, how these Captains Marvel/ Weaponized words in a verse are harmful/ When used by New Jacks used ta rapping garbled
  • Gourmet with it

    The way I play with it, so Bobby Flay with it/Swiss Chalet with it, so flambee with it/Sorbet with it, so Gourmet with it/Souflett with it, Robert Goulet with it/Creme Brule with it, Michael Bouble with it/A smooth way with it, resume stained with it/Sustained in it, three decades in it/Well trained in it, Askia Touree with it/Ordained in it, toured, gained fame in it/Now my name is a force, stay paid with it/Others fade in it, out of it, lame in it/I remain in it, paved my own lane in it/Made it up, stay fly off the brain with it/As I go along songs still played in it/Hate the game, not the player, no blame in it/Straight Cocaine, that's why I stay so Shame with it
  • The Exception

    Started battling off the knot til the confidence grew/Now tackle topics to the ground, force of Ndamukong Suh/The promise of truth, the post-grad doctoral flow/Pursue perfection, as far as it can possibly go/Close the gap quick, slick, my advantage is style/Grab the mic sick, spit like a manner-less child/The Cloud Atlas, lifetimes repeating my steps/Steady maturing, evolving from just beating my chest/Endless endurance, -at first was just impressing them girls/To self assurance, amongst the very best in the world/Be the exception, hardly even listen to most/Flow timeless, regardless be unseasonably dope/Choke the mechanism, movements methodically made/The loftiest aims, truthfully embody the name/On top of my game, makes it hard rating myself/When expectations, are Great as Charley Dickens himself-
  • Pain

    The pain’s not permanent, that’s why I journal it/ Put it down with paper and pen, and try ta learn from it/ Been affirmed from it, feel I’ve even earned from it/ Turned something to a success, once was burned from it/ Could of turned from it, but I straight confronted it/ Third and eight, could’ve stayed safe and punted it/ Could have plummeted, decision was to run with it/ And now I’ve never wondered if, “What if I had wondered if?”/ Couldn’t stomach it if I had stopped the rapping though/ Cause when I be getting and rhythm and then I be hitting em’ with the rapid flow/ Jimmy Garoppolo, how I mastered the backup roll/ Then snatched my first 4 out of 16, masterful/ Used to shoot myself in the foot or leg-Plaxico/ Now 4th and 16 my whole team's like pass it yo/ Went from down and out living check to check was embarrassed yo/ So now when any pressure is present handle it natural/

    The dominant breed, flow be a problem indeed/Probably been spitting, before y'all could properly read/Lockin' it down, hold the keys plus the property deed/Run the board like I'm on some ole Monopoly steeze/But never been one to talk about the gwap or the green/The broc & the cheese/or how I love how I love to cock it and squeeze/But I, will acknowledge all these college degrees/Probably the reason, I spit with such a confident ease/Accomplished the dream, competence, melodically themed/Total harmonics, at work to set a positive scene/The winter soldier, smoldering my texture is Raw/Gugu Mbatha, beauty simply have you in awe/The truest author, do it for the love of the art/And do it proper, but skilled enough to chew you apart

    I write a light verse to bring light to the masses/ Something I scribbled down between teaching a couple of classes/ Try to think right to ignite the same passion/ Pour a little gas in a room filled with matches/ Discuss the poor, the middle and upper classes/ Ta get these fresh men to think by their upper class men/ Fresh ta death women start thinking that they can pass them/ Ignoring poor passes, bordering on harassment/ Point out the difference, a hidden word for subtraction/ Differentiating- for any needed distractions/ Simple mathematics for life, blended like fractions/ Discuss the Drake Equation, instead of just Drake's rapping/ Make it happen, take action, and know the consequence/ Of leaving good music on bad terms like Consequence Using Common Sense, to reference the total lack of it/ and more T. Paine, and less T-Pain, on the aggregate
  • Classically Trained

    Classically trained, raised on Kris and Kane/ Plus a twist of Kool Keith, what I spit's insane/ Remain, top of my game, a perennial all pro/ No publicist, still booked hundreds of talk shows/ Interviews where they want me to talk slow/ And break down my form and approach like a golf pro/ Global buzz from Brussels to Oslo/ Got colleges booking me in bulk like Cosco/ Keeping their cost low, still it will cost dough/ Ta drop flows, long as I'm in line with the cause though/ Broad strokes, artist with an ear ta the pavement/ Amazement, once they hear their new found favorite/ Entertainment with conscious content/ You've watched at a concert who spits no nonsense/ Top Five-dead or alive-since that makes me morbid/ Told Chris Rock, "No, call Tracy Morgan"
  • Beyond That

    Top 5, dead or alive, I'm so beyond that/ On another level, peripheral of a wombat/ And yall don't want that, promise is kept/ Respect the here and now, plus acknowledge the rep/ The consummate vet, who gets better every concert and set/ Gettin checks from college reps across the continental US/ Hate ta fly, otherwise, regardless of the address/ I'm International, more frequent, you can check the Profess/ So yes, I'm reaching out and expanding my ground/ Mailing product on the reg, for those demanding my sound/ Cloud, keep it popping plays hundreds of thous/ Locally hopping in the ciphers, hugs, hundreds of pounds/ For hundreds of pounds, I come to London and I teach from my book/ Hip Hop and mathematics steady keeping em hooked/ Booked, speaking appearances, and scores of performances/ While warned that my appearance is not necessarily normative/ Since my formative years, blossomed so thoroughly/ Now quite the formidable force, called an authority
  • Sheep

    Most of the masses are sheep, sleep on their mattresses/ Steadfast hold their beliefs, few are activists/ When the fact of it is, most are the opposite/ Happy just to shop at the mall-supporting conglomerates/ More importantly, still ignoring the arguments/ Of anything rooted in fact-refuse to acknowledge it/ Swear on the Bible, but barely reading the documents/ Let alone soliciting neutral views through the scholarship/ Inconsistencies, obvious but the problem is/ Word for word, how most of the herd follows it/ Christian apologists, quick ta diss Scientologists/ Yet spend a small fortune "for fun" on some dumb astrologist/ Not a Mormon, but well informed what the premise is/ Hard to see the difference, when every bit as incredulous/ Our potential is stifled by group insanity/ A cult of personality culture club stuck on Hannity/
  • Flawless

    Verbally flawless, bars perfectly processed/From processing, volumes of novices' garbage/Cluttered like boxes inside my garage is/As content that's conscious gets lost in the nonsense/Promising artists get tossed or discarded/Like documents stuffed in the drawers of an office/Hip Hop has a problem we all are a part of/Not proud of our elders, stay shrouded in cobwebs/While rock pays a fortune through tours and it's sponsors/Supporting its founders regardless in concert/It's obvious why all our stars all go jobless/In rap, most our artists have meaningless topics/Sponsors will flock when it's pop that is promised/But how can a classic emerge that's dishonest?/That's why my verses are searches for knowledge/For all those involved, who they failed to acknowledge.
  • HipHopcrisy

    You can not be a buttress, or pillar for social justice/ When the substance you discuss comes complete with a "but" list/ Like you can get with this, but you would never touch this/ You can get with that, but this ain't how you function?/ The gumption it takes, to come and make such an assumption/ Of which subjects you subject all of your loyal subjects?/ What's suspect- are advocates who sorta pick and chose/ Which type of equality it is that fits their views/ For which they strongly advocate to click and give them views/ Politically or religiously where they sit on stump or pews/ While the news is stuck on Trump to give their advertisers views/ Half the world is stuck on stupid -but our students must refuse/ Cause you is not an activist, if you are just an actor that's/ Progressive part and parcel for the rolls that you are active with/ In other words hypocrisy, should not be public policy/ You can not claim progressive and be fine with the misogyny/ You can not preach diversity, and talk about equality/ When part of your agenda, lacks a gender focused policy/ As members who are probably supported economically/ In congress for the longest stretch of time then stretch the honesty/ Up like a contortionist, desorting up the facts/ And bluring what's important throwing doner's off the tracks/ In fact you are the problem that your hearing in the news/ If your laughing, cracking jokes while women are hashing out #metoo/ We should hash this out, right here and now for all to view/ For those who simply get their news from watching Fox, or on the VIEW/ Like who got on them Loubitons, and these latest pair of Gucci's/ When they letting on, any Dick or Tom, or Anthony Scaramucci/ Truly we need alternatives, for our news, and from our journalists/ To push back gainst the racist, and the sexist, and the murdering/ To hear that counternarative- we searching for at long last/ When Universal's NBC, which was GE's stolen by Comcast/ Its hard to know the contracts and the ownership percentages/ And what's in our best interest as a consumer whose protecting us?/ So here's what my suggestion is, go hard cause life is short/ And consider all the sources, for them "causes" you support/
  • Greatness

    Explain what is greatness, and the way that we rate this/ When clearly the basis for much of its baseless/ Subjects so basic, it’s tough to debate when/ The young generation is stuck in the [Matrix]/ Face it, most radio stations’/ Rotations for years on these shows are complacent/ Hosts that are wasted, look close at their playlists/ They post, and it shows, they are so cut and pasted/ Supposed to be raising these children is sacred/ As taking an oath, not a goat for the scaping/ So don't go and blame them and stop the complaining/ Just look at the nation that we went and gave them/ Went from Obama with Hope so audacious/ To quotes from The Oval so overtly racist/ Now in the ‘Home of the Brave” we’re less safe in/ No wonder Wakonda is where most put their faith in/

    Walk in ta class feeling no motivation/ When no one in math has discussed a vocation/ Building a system with poor education’s/ Like building a house with no floors or foundation/ Or pouring cement in a porous foundation/ Receiving support from the poorest foundations/ Look at the buildings that most have been placed in/ It only makes sense that there’s low expectations/ Thinking that STEM is for only them Asians/ Or part of a flower like pistils and stamens/ Lots of the power, has often remained in/ The hands of the few like these pistols they waiving/ They'll chop off the hands of their son like their Darth Vadar/ So awesome the Power, they want to be Kanan/ Reign of the Empire, crushing The Rebellion/ Dreams of Millennials like Patriots on Falcons/

    I’m here to claim that, we need to take it/ Back—our curriculum we ought to be ashamed of/ Same as every neighborhood-watch the Caucasians/ Craving every cul-de-sac or somewhere that’s gated/ Their property tax is in fact segregation/ Just show me the gross and the homes and locations/ I’ll show you a graph with direct correlation/ Exactly that maps out how we accu-place them/ Trace them, track them, we know what the pattern/ Is what gives, now that everybody’s rapping?/ Maybe it’s the problem, maybe we can trap them/ In, then we'll blame it on the Law of Attraction/ Maybe more simply, never taught em fractions/ Cause we never thought that mathematics was their passion/ I am here to smash that, bash that to pieces/ In fact, it was the topic of my doctoral thesis/

    Acknowledging Hop Hop, of course it can reach them/ Embed it in the culture of the courses that we're teaching/ Check Chris Emdin, you can probably reach him/ @ #HipHopEd, it’s the hash that we’re tweeting/ Hip Hop heads working straight through weekend/ We taking no shorts, even do it while were sleeping/ A bunch of educators come together rather frequent/ Until we see each other at a conference that we’re speaking/ Topics of interest like interest were seeking/ Return on investment, our children were reaching/ They already get it and can bet that we ain't leaving~/ Till they walk across a stage on a late May evening/ Gaps of achievement, we're here to close them/ Those who deceiving, we're here to expose them/ The system is rigged like the Russians with voting/ We know who it is, there's no question the motive/
  • Two through Nine

    I ain't tryna say that I'm the best alive/But if I'm high in the top ten, and not two through nine/Truth no lie, I'm a fan of myself though/Who you thinks ring tone blows up on my cell phone?/In my shell toes, stand symbolically/Never tongue tied, owe no apologies/So don't follow me, please retweet that/Don't care about the web hits, or negative feed back/The press screams back "you will if they hate you"/For how I speak the word like Wilfredo De Jesus/In a grey suit- coat with jeans on, and kicks from Bodega that I spent two G's on/Hard to tell if I'm a get my teach on/Or jump on a stage and straight get my preach on/Be a beast on mics and stages/Ain't cared in the least how many "likes" my page gets/Or if my face gets up in the tabloids/For shine and a Mill in advance from Bad Boy/I am back for the thrill and the love of it/To come shut it down on some US government...
  • Let Us Remember

    First: Let us remember… It is not possible to have a celebration of the amalgamation of Civil Rights legislation and outcomes/Without first pausing to remember the assassinations of Black leaders like Martin & Malcom/ Now son, please don’t confuse my passion for African American activism as pacifism/for when I witness the division and classism, passing kids in the cafeteria-split up more painful than sadomasochism/ Listen—if Brown v. Board of Education put an end to segregation/Tell me then why there’s no Brown faces, sitting at all these tables filled with Meagans?/ Face it- you have locked your doors at one time or another when a… Brother of a different color has approached your door/ Even though it’s not 1954 anymore/ Sometimes it still feels like only a few years before 64’/ For sure, it’s much improved but we got further to go until/ You no longer need to prove my baby boy won’t end up just like Emmett Till/ Still, I have to teach him stand his ground for all these racists/ Might attempt to make him, turn it down like Jordan Davis/ And these are just the faces on the news that now are famous/ Cause for every Trayvon Martin there’s a hundred unsolved cases/ Mass incarceration now replaces the plantations/ Boat loads of African Americans like slave ships/ Thanks Miss Alexander, but this is much worse than before/ Now they literally makin’ billions on the job for Unicor/ Dressed in uniform, be sure at these federal institutions/ Civil rights are well denied by this legal prostitution/ So- what is the solution? Let’s start with college presidents – The Ivory Tower needs more melanin, more estrogen, more feminine/ And just in case you might confuse me as the new version of some Eminem/ I’ve never candy coated up my lyrics, where’s the benefit/ That would seem irrelevant, in an era when non intelligent/ Lyrics in rap music is what their peddling as the precedent/ Suppressing the positive messaging, of the original four elements/ Of Hip Hop as a culture- now subjected to their censorship/ Well I am here self-edited, no curses, non-repetitive/ And instead of battling rappers, these days I’d rather mentor them / Against all of these impediments, since the prejudiced confederate-/ Flags they flew with pride as they tried to produce evidence/ Of race inferiority, through the majority of schools/ Tried to civilize the natives, and prove African’s were fools/ Universities were fuel, for the racists spewing madness/ And until them land grant colleges there was nothing much for Blackness/ And until Barack Obama, there was nothing much for Blackness/ And until he caught Osama, there was not much light to bask in/ But now he’s got me asking, who’s accountable at the moment?/ For human rights it’s unacceptable, Guantanamo’s still open/ Still, he’s got me hoping Civil Rights are not ignored/ $10.10’s sure not the answer, still the minimum now is more/ But what is now in store for all these kids from urban areas?/ Separate is not equal, but the schools’ still more inferior/ The barrier to be a scientist or a college mathematician/ Is when kids are passing calculus, but cannot do addition/ When I was young in school I used think about New Edition/ Wanted to be just like them if they told me I’d have listened/ So where are the role models, the athletes, the models? Musicians of tomorrow show our scholars that there’s honor in a way to clock them dollars/ Beyond just popping bottles, and endless popping collars/ Beyond Beyoncé on a surfboard, there’s more to work for than McDonalds/ See we can solve our problems with a different point of view/ More diversity, our scientists are way too far and few/ So who will be inspiring our future generations?/ Respecting education starts with teachers, how we pay them/ So let’s pay some attention and keep up the vigil fight/ Till our health and wealth disparity’s not a blemish on Civil Rights/
  • Cookie Cutter

    What Inspires You? What do you aspire to? Have you ever... thought of a place, that you'd like to retire to? If you can than I admire you But I can not lie to you I am not in a state of mind where I am even trying to Think about the future that our leaders may conspire to When the highest of them all is always like your fired dude So here is what I've tried to do, find the right attire to Convey to you my passion goes beyond a simple tie or two I'd rather find a tire tube, and slip and slide on a ride or two At a water park, but I'm not gonna start just act like I'm required to Take the two weeks paid, on some vacation in the shade And act like I am something other than a modern slave Of course there are no chains, I'm not degrading that reality Just simply pointing out we all all are jumping for a salary Where's the liberation when our vocation or our trade Is so totally consuming, we consume from where we're paid? Where we're still afraid, to break the chain of our oppressors It starts for me each day when I place my chain upon the dresser WIll I reach for something boring or the Jordan's that are fresher? The snap back and a T-shirt or the sport coat and a sweater? Some times we let our voices in our heads become our bosses That tell us how to think and act and dress inside our office The point I hope I'm making is the bondage can be mental Which trickles down to rappers choosing words on instrumentals We act like were compelled to follow rules and make decisions Based on policies and codes that often times were never written Fit into a mold that we have cast upon ourselves With some cookie cutter templates that we bury in our shelves Burying our souls inside a shell of our true selves That we rarely show to others for a fear of loosing wealth A fear of loosing safety by exposing who we are So our super man stays hidden -all we give em is our Clark Our spider man stays hidden we just give em Peter Parker We don't need Diana Prince to Wonder what a Women offers Several authors masquerade as just the faculty And hide their superpowers they've acquired somewhat naturally Cause rhymers actually to me with all of their substance Have more Hero-in them than the entire Hall of Justice So-Shall, we crumble by letting somebody else judge us? Or shall we stay socially conscious letting nobody come bully or budge us?
  • GAY

    You know what's GAY? And I mean this homophobic-ly/ Every rap battle I've ever won with my poetry/ Cause unknowingly, freestylin' when battlin' Almost always comes down to a show of who's more masculin'/ Kind of embarrassing, thinking back on my many wins/ I've won at the expense, of literally saying anything/ Dissing the rapper there, by calling dudes feminine/ Before you watched it in movies staring Eminem/ No better than, half these hateful apologists/ So I'm apologizing, in case it still isn't obvious/ Sorry to women, emasculating a rapper/ Calling a dude "she" likes its warranted of the laughter/ Or any rapper I've ever dissed being "faggoty" Got no excuses, for acting stupid and badly Sadly mistaken for parodies, poor & empty Devoid of any thought, which horribly represent me
  • Prophets & Professors

    Yall know the prophecy, probably-nobody alive would ever spar with me/ Cause they don't have the broccoli, plus I'm talking to cockily/ Rappers playing the part like they rocking yachts and property/ But these NewBurries ain’t ready for apartment shopping at Copley/ Bothers me when these rappers constantly dropping in quality/ Mocking these latest ladies photography models awkwardly/ Dude, if that’s your thing, I ain't hating just stating honesty/ Once the trend ends what's fresh can end horribly/ Awfully for an artist, it’s hard to issue apologies/ Like sorry dude I was simply, just caught up in all the following/ Borrowing and the copying, sloppy with no acknowledgement/ Is the same as rhymers biting, like plagiarizing the scholarship/ -Guess what I want- is a written form of acknowledgement/ That you know what I’m spittin’s the hottest sh*t on this continent/ I’ll sh*t on this continent; really don’t have a problem with/ The whole administration except everything that they arguing/ This is that Hip Hop you don’t stop/ Throw your hands in the sky, if you came ta rock/ With the, Prophet of Doom, and the Lyrical Prof Quick ta spit it written, plus Go off top This is that Hip Hop you don’t stop/ Throw your hands in the sky, if you came ta rock/ With the, Prophet of Doom, and the Lyrical Prof Quick ta spit it written, plus Go off top
  • The Proctor

    My bars a problem, like Happy Hour in Boston common/ Greenless on the seventeenth day of March-and now all out of larger/ Not alot of rappers can match the swagger with half the content/ 1/2 a battle rapper meets 1/2 professor and published author/ Often other artists on novice status act honored/ All them Harden modern ballers with nine assists-pass at the offer/ Having to rap after the God, don't want to follow/ On a track, they'd rather come back- try it again tomorrow/ On a drum track not the type of rapper to falter/ So it really doesn't matter the date or time that the rhyme is authored/ I'm a keep on rocking, improving do it so proper/ Even Hammer'd have to stammer, while dancing round in his old pajamas/ Karmas real, that's why I feel respect the arch-i/ Techs catching wreck as I genuflect at the alter/ But I'm a call BS, MS and now a Dr./ On any who wanna Gamble, and test the skills of the Proctor
  • Doper than I Have to Be

    Yall know I’m actually-Doper than I have to be/ You can smell success in the air – O-Factory/ Once I’m in a zone, could close your whole factory/ Of anything yall trying ta press that goes after me/ Was nice at 16, but now I’ve grown so gradually/ Since graduation, I’ve graduated to faculty/ Opening academies, how ta flow more masterfully/ Mathematically, how to approach it more accurately/ Redefine the science of rhyming, y’all can battle me/ Oral final exams, a poetry slam, naturally/ A Comedy of Errors, from Shakespearean Tragedy/ From first day of classes “without a chance of him passing me”/ To stepping to the God, with confidence of an athlete/ Head held high, defying the charge of blasphemy/ Till stepping on the stage comes almost automatically/ And four years later they walking across it happily
  • Submersion

    Merciless verses disperse on these Earthlings/ Confirming the claim of most perfect of wordsmiths/ Learning the name, which has certainly surfaced/ In circles of highest acclaim on the circuit/ Worth it-whatever their pay out they purses/ Ta bring a professional spitter with purpose/ Into their offices, colleges, churches/ All of those searching for someone to worship/ Looking for magical bullets, or persons/ Who can assure them success is for certain/ Meet the Professor and hear his assertions/ All your aggressive intent is disturbing/ You’re not deserving of what I’m preserving/ That’s why I speak of myself in third person/ Urging the masses ta practice submersion/ To master the craft, and the math of what’s working
  • Perfect

    Here’s a sound-bite so yall can research it/ This is what it sound like when rap’s done perfect/ Done worked it, like no one else worked it/ Put in the work, yall can tell it was worth it/ What emerged was a virtual wordsmith/ Years of research, with the nerves of a surgeon/ Still searching for years for a version/ Of rapper whose worth every cent of your purchase/ No aversion to depth—put purpose/ In each of the verses that reaches the surface/ Free speech, yet no need—for the curses/ When no preservatives are added in the street version/ Never nervous of how they might rate me/ Socially-justice, I spit love or hate me/ Rock the clubs, or the gyms over break beats/ So catch me at a college near you, if they pay me...
  • Henry

    No Patron, ever helped me try and stay in a zone/ Never stoned, stayed sober, haven't tasted Merlot/ No, never drank socially, probably why I'm noticeably/ Still one of the nicest off the knot, while your not close to me/ You can check my groceries, no meat, fish or poultry/ Vegetarian, the same amount of time, I've published poetry/ That's a quarter century, sorta elementary/ Now I've graduated to college and penitentiaries/ Lectures and rap performances, spoken words and assortments/ Combinations of shows, participating in tournaments/ Enormous or anonymous, promise ta rock consistently/ Put my self To Shame when I listen throughout iNFiNiTii/ Bachelor to a husband, Masters level to Doctorate/ To father of the most Beautiful son, my true accomplishment/ Do it for the acknowledgment he'll eventually give me/ That's why I've dedicated my latest work to Henry
  • Son

    Son, these pearls of wisdom I ain't tossed em on swine/cause when I say "son" I'm talking to the child whose mine/never, wasted time tryna run and get signed, always had ta learn my lessons steady taking my time/always, making a rhyme like the last that I'll write/so when I record it, making sure that it turn out right/can't afford it, make sure your cash is right/it's mad important, in every single facet of life/it's like, all we have is our deeds and our words/Indeed dads we have more, we leave our seeds on this earth/your worth- more to me than I could possibly show/been pocketing dough, since you were born, rocking these shows/although, every time I go and leave this house/though your sleepin', each time I do it with doubts/no doubt, cause what counts to me-probably the most/Is each night rocking you to sleep watching you grow

    You're how I know I've done some things right/your how I know there's something deeper to the meaning of life/your smile is bright, the happiest of babies I've seen/thank your momma, that's gotta be a thread from her jeans/indeed, your first name was her grand pops name/mine was Demetrius, it's Greek translates ta James/the same as your second, even gave you a third/the last name of your mother with the love you deserve/of course, like every women should deserve your respect/the same treatment for your mom that you'll learn to expect/accept no excuses, always give em ya best/it's how you know, you'll always be prepared for the test/and yes, education is a part of my name, but I ain't talking bout the lessons that you'll learn for a grade/-there's no shame son in learning to fail/just stay graceful, it's all part of being a male-

    From experience, that's how I know what I know/this is serious, my hope is that it helps you to grow/I know, also important is taking time to laugh/like every night at 630 when I gave you your baths/in fact, looking back makes me tear up fast/I wrote this rhyme on the day you turned a year and a half/so hearing your dad, talk about you as my son/is probably crazy, especially when you was just one/but son, rest assured you have a heart that's pure/you'll be successful in anything you do for sure/be sure, your doing something that's true to your heart/truly a part of your soul, make some beautiful art/and start, to see the world for the gift that it is/Maybe in time, you'll even share this rhyme for your kids/so when their older- and as you start watching them grow/one things for certain, a father's love is something they'll know
  • Behold

    Conceptual prose, strung together with exceptional flows/ Highly contextual, suggest you check with someone who knows/ This is professional, the upper level lyrics can go/ Yet accessible, and relevant while stretching the globe/ It shows, total devotion to the vocal control/ Throw-back reminiscent of that Motown soul/ Behold: The modern version from that era of gold/ Fully capable, to break the non-replaceable mold/ Push the envelope, and marvel how the boundaries expand/ While mathematically still solving for how all it began/ Master the plan, map it out, and navigate the unknown/ Achieve excellence, collective, after hours alone/ I've grown, exponential, from potential displayed/ Stayed hours in the lab, unconcerned with the grades/ And made, the name synonymous, with what I've become/ Lyrical scholarship, acknowledged, as the finest been done
  • Meet the Author

    I'm thinking your knowing you wanna…come and/ Meet this author— like Deepak Chopra/ Known for speaking peace that reaches deep in your chakras/ Deepen your mantra, believe in Karma/ Sharpen up your skills and leave that beef and drama/ Now just 4 bars in-you can see I'm a problem/ Make you seek four more like Barack Obama/ Hot—ready to blow, flows’ molten lava/ With a bold poetic tone like those who scold their fathers/ No nonsense, like ghosts and goblins/ That’s why so many of my posts get dope responses/ But delete em if they lying, need ta try and get fact checked/ For claims or bad predictions like the Mayans and Aztecs/ Sign your name, but you’ve written your last check/ And just endorse the fact: you still were wack—when I last checked Every aspect of this is classic, Now back to your scheduled crap about Kim Kardashian
  • ProFieciently

    ProFiciently, Pro flow prolifically/ Prototypically dope, quoted terrifically/ So politically motivated, poetically/ Cast a vote every show I show my identity/ Pen ability, follow through to delivery/ My whole approach with the brush stroke’s calligraphy/ Paint a picture, with scriptures scripted so vividly/ Once you hear the lyrics, the planet appears differently/ See the symmetry, mathematical imagery/ Digitally enhanced to plus or minus iNFiNiTi/ New identities, proven from ancient mysteries/ Since too many excuses been chalked up to new divinities/ Loosing deities, frequent as loosing Kennedys/ To public execution; assassination of dignity/ Inform the Clueless-that’s Stacy Dash in the truest/ With quadruple entendre, for all of you lazy humans
  • I Profess

    I am not your boy, dude, or home-slice, I stayed at home nights/ While you were at the movies or parties, I was on mics/ But not the nicest spots, was on the 1-track/ Home studio was a stretch, I had no drum tracks/ Just a Bee Gee's keyboard, had 12 keys/ 3 preset rhythms -nothing you could tell me/ And you still can't, I got an ill slant/ Perspective that I hold in this game - Y'all Gotsta Chill fam/ 25 years on the mic, wax since 89/ Child of Chuck, and Kane- when he was at his prime/ So when you see me rap, know that G-Rap/ Solidified essence of nice, pre-MTV Raps/ Dropped the YO though, that's not YOLO, No Miss Spelling, came up on K-Solo/ Plus YoYo, Lyte and Latifah/ No wonder I Profess- was raised on the Teacha/
  • I'm That Dude

    I'm that dude, chewing up rap food for breakfast/Trap dudes come out they mouth be talking reckless/So I address this whomever it fits right/Perspective I hold: most of yall don't spit tight/My objective: select infectious/Literature sections, to etch perfection/Sketch inventions, draft em properly/Scholarly, intellectual property/Nothing's sloppily done, it's well thought out/So you can bring that beef, I'm chill, that's well thawed out/Carved out space in the game, run in my own lane/Very few can follow the lines, hop on the SoulTrain/Made my whole name, from what I do lyrically/Plus exponentially- grown, shown empirically/Fully prepared ta be- the nonequivalent/So save all your drivel if it's nonintelligent
  • Naked Thoughts

    The Ace of Swords, Pro Lyrical, Praise the Lord -Plourde/ Microphone material, embrace the form/ Takes the norm, and concocts it, makes it more/ Comprehensive, un-mundane for sure/ Conscious eternal, till resets make it hard/ To recall, so I journal, my naked thoughts/ Seek patterns, called to unlock the scrolls/ Follow the bell curve, precisely, for whom it tolls/ Imagination, more just in touch with it all/ Reincarnation, mentally persist to evolve/ Stay Christ-like, suffer like Siddhartha himself/ Prove the world is nothing more with being one with one's self/ Fulfill the scripture, I'd rather go against the grain/ Create new ones, inspired by the coming of age/ Nothings the same, change in a constant flux/ In itself, double negatives - now all is stuck
  • Earth's

    Earth's lyricists, globally no one near ta this/Appearances misleading, been underrated for years in this/No conspiracies, still debunking the theorists/Got scientists at NASA consulting me like their therapists/Mathematician with high precision, and follow through/Collaborate on problems with physicists thought unsolvable/So, highly probable Pro's the one thats you'd pay to see/More than once, beyond a glitch in the matrices/I was made ta be, lyricism personified/Honestly flawless, functions functioning optimized/Many philosophize, few are ready to run with it/Fourth and inches, come out of the huddle punting it/Talking tough with it, looking for pub and coverage/Covered in cowardice, sucker punching their publicists/Stand for nothing, cause they ain't falling in love with it/So Lyrical's your alternative when you've suffered enough of it
  • In the Argument

    Let's be real, my skills have the sort of appeal/A&R hope to sign and record with a deal/But they ain't, pay for my doctorate, support zero with my masters/or sent a card once, once I finally earned my bachelor's/And when I was a Bachelor, they never paid my rent/But since I was teen, they always came to my events/Seeing the gimmick in, have me start mimicking/But I was never with it, too in love with the musicianship/Plus the scholarship, loving the acknowledgement/Becoming one of the nicest freestylers on the continent/Once was debatable, but now I'm in the argument/Lyrically unlikely, that you'll find a more competent/Confident wordsmith, gifted in the discipline/Plus who can Profess it, and promote it as a businessman/That's what the difference been/Did it with some dignity/And still debt free for a decade since iNFiNiTi
  • Precise

    Excessively nice, all words used precise/Exact measurements, never just a roll of the dice/Well crafted, never hold a faulty device/The finest instruments, from pens that I hold, to the mic/Must, do me right-cite Zimbabwe Legit/Word to my Brother, like Dumi shouting out to Akim/Beyond talented, be on a level with few challengers/Charge it to the game, collecting on due balances/Dude who balances everything madd appropriate/Don't be mad at the facts: doper than opiates/Global associates, my teams diverse/Multifaceted, like topics that I drop in my verse/Disperse, with the foolishness, for what it's worth/Picking teams, choose myself representing the Earth/Of course, Im sorta biased, but if you'd choose first/Soon to have the name Lyrical on the back of your shirt
  • Form

    Y'all been warned, flow with a flawless form/Poems perfect, though I don't follow the norm/On the circuit, hold mics leavin' em warm/Blow circuits, observe how a pro perform/Open the doors, shut it down son, you can be sure/Close curtains, a must to get em out of they dorms/Don't tour much, seldom see me out in the clubs/On a tour bus, not how I earn my love/But I, rock campuses, for several of clubs/On the regular, with little social media buzz/A media buff, but critical of what is discussed/Cuz when I watch the evening news always leave with disgust/Must, stay focused, know who to trust/Cause searching for the truth is unusually tough/They cover it up, governments posing- most are corrupt/While keeping us common folk, stuck, running amuck
  • Jordan-ish

    Michael Jordan-ish, but I'm betting that Jordan is/ Probably saying himself that his game has some Lord Plourdeish-ness/ The embodiment, Few others can body it/ The way I approach and clobber it, No one close in the argument/ Who else can author it, half as authentic-&-positive?/ Can finally say definitive, know who my favorite artist it/ Photo-bomb my selfies my self, with one arm in it/ Don't see the harm in it, -dawning some self confidence/ But I ain't kiddin', my talent level is ominous/ Last album I made with Shame, I cite Obvious (Lyrical, 2013)/ If your oblivious, you're in fact who the problem is/ If you don't see the progress itself, you're not watchin it/ But either way, I've been traveling cross the continent/ Getting my message out at campuses like congressman/ Talking, rocking round tables, and panels, but this ain't politics/ As usual, its musical messaging using consciousness
  • Art-OFFicial

    Your artificial, Keep it ill, my art's official Middle initial "Capital" M, hold the mic initial-y the, MC, you could only wish to, Be C-D's-quite a few been issued A few issues, a couple covers, Plus I'd love to dis you Be beneficial, pointing out a few your several issues Sever your tissue, out the box - have you weeping willows Leaving your sil-ho's all wet, while your hugging pillows You ain't thuggin, nothing but your teddy ruckspin See you at a function, I'll proceed ta eat your catered luncheon But wait your bluffin' you ain't made of nothing, but some stuffing Huffing and puffing - son I'd rather read the latest Huffing- Ton's of posts, Got Arrianan on my favorite buttons Flailing your punching hits nothing you's a desperate munchkin Dunkin you quick as I sip my favorite morning beverage-cousin It's been a pleasure - 16's measured by the Dozens.
  • ProLyrical

    Pro Lyrical - material backs the name up/ Topic: nicest in the world- seems always someone brings the name up/ Time to step my game up, if you choose to speak this loosely/ Cause on a piece of loose leaf, introduce me- absolutely/ Undisputed champion of the words that's most creative/ Represent the world, no alien race that I'm afraid of/ Seems what it is I'm made of is tough to give a label/ So I've never rushed to write my stuff to give it to a label/ Plus now that I am able, to finance my operations/ I've gained patience, not from patients, how I've ordered operations/ Sorted out equations, and devised a basic game plan/ To swim beyond the mainstream chasing labels on the name brands/ Media that's social, makes a fan who knows our brand now/ In turn we know the names of all our interns, and our fans now/ And while I'm on the subject of the topic of some branding/ Get over it, its marketing with clearer understanding/
  • Let's be Honest

    Monstrous, obviously you should not respond to this/ Cause I don't need no Likes on my page - beyond the modestness -And plus lets be honest, I know I'm tight it's obvious/ And you know that its true to your core, part of your consciousness/ In concert its, glaringly clear, Prof's the dominant/ Top lyricologist- how I'm rocking these colleges/ On the stage, the classroom, or the offices/ Immeasurably dope by even the best pharmacists/ Always been a problem, but now I solve em with confidence/ The ill mathematical, narcissistical arsonist/ The reciprocal of yall typical novices/ So that means its sadistic to wanna spit with the God in this/ Harsh business of businessman meets artisan/ Artist and savy activist come together by-partisan/ That's why I'm bothering to try and stay positive/ Stead of focusing on garbage that many of yall is sponsoring
  • Guest Lecturer

    You probably won't- find me in a casino - or a convenience playin' keno/ But I've been spotted at many a conference, speaking conscious as the keynote/ Speaker at the colloquiums, with logos on their podiums/ At major universities and college auditoriums/ For a modest honorarium... I'll talk at your aquarium/ Or educate the students bout the stars at Planatariums/ Celebrities or the Galaxy, music or mathematically/ Been used at several academies,to fuse together the faculty/ Comes naturally for me to teach a course about Sports Management/ Then Music Entertainment, and some Convention Planning afterwards/ Calculus the next day, then Seminars on the Industry/ Whatever the topic that interest me, Hip Hop I've taught its history/ essentially, I'm hired, all through higher education/ As guest Lecturer, and a scholar who can provide the entertainment/ On your flyer, and in your program, and as one of the panel participants/ Whose probably the only professor that students requested to sign their syllabus/
  • The Gift that I leave

    I have arrived, rapper with the dominant flow/ Study my movements, aura leaves a permanent glow/ Precise imagery, picture where I'm needing to go/ Seeing it all before it happens, watch the scenes unfold/ From high on a hill, close my eyes, focus on skills/ Count to ten, open em up, and start imposing my will/ Gift ta the gods, holding up my scripture and palms Making an offering, everything I'm authoring's law/ For y'all benefit, blessed as the sacraments, same- as Pope Benedict, 16's come after my name/ Most monstrous, you could never possibly claim/ Most dominant, responses that I get wont change/ Flow confident, I promise you, believe me, I'm vain/ Needle ta vein, be that dope, very few in my lane/ Till after I'm gone, and lay down my mic and my chain/ Post-posthumous, be-leavin' us with hope for the game
  • A bit ago

    Born to be a bit better than I was just a bit ago Could never hit a pinnacle, I see them as invisible Last year's Lyrical, I'd make him look pitifulI If he ever battled me, I'd make him feel miserable/ Maybe that's too difficult, for even me to manifest/ But 99 percent of me is like a 99' Canibus/ Hundred-one % of me when I'm done, even I'm second best/ To the new me, who I've learned to never second guess/So just a second less of hearing my whole life's work/Is like learning bout Edison, without seeing how his light's work/Like nice phonograph dude, you do tight work/What's you thinkin' working on next?/And what's the price worth/Let me try and put it like this, barely do club nights/Rather rock a college and speak, where no one's uptight/And the price is right-plus the bennefits/Instead of spreading ignorance, pay a premium for intelligence/
  • Pen-skills

    Highly evolved, pen-skills Mumia Abu-Jamal/ Speak precisely, won't stop until all charges' absolved/ Problems are solved/Untill Malala's not a bother at all/ Till Frida Khalo's just an artist who's regarded as small/ We all imperfect, busy buying clothes at the mall/ Closed minds, rarely open, most pointing out faults/ Voted Obama, like I just wasn't getting the joke/ End of the day though, it's really only Pepsi or Coke/ Still-many broke, by the system itself/ Miseducation, Miss Hill should have unspeakable wealth/ Help, is clearly needed the economy's weak/ The model's broken, perpetuates itself in the streets/ Peep, dudes playing keno for a shot at more/ Post up shop, while they shopping for some bread at the store/ Kind of ironic, leave bread but not leaving with food/ Even loosing the lottery to get their kids into school- it's crazy.
  • Work

    Constant work. Work in a constant search, for perfect words inserted into conscious works/In concert worth, more than the posted price, sign your poster, and posterize the closest mic/Holding a hand, hand holding like an open exam/Hand over fist, hand me over, keys to your plan/Plan your future, well before you overstand/Stand over, looking out across the land/The Land Rover, ranging out, spacious grand/Standing sober drunk off the punch and koolaide/Been high off hip hop spiked the punch since School Daze/In a few ways, that's more than one/In only two days, I've already more than won/Run one way, clearly go across the grain/With lots ta gain, on a runway, stop the train/Train my thoughts, keep em in a positive lane/And recall all the work, so it's not in vain.
  • Do the Name

    Inspire other authors to offer up better offerings/ Improving what their authoring, reaping a better harvesting/ Never harboring ill-will or bothering/ To plot a fiendish scheme against emcees, too dominant/ So I cooperate, operate a conglomerate/ Call it a coalition of Mass Industrial honorates/ Honor the rate of my fellow artists and other great/ Artisans and businesses, listing out their accomplishments/ Point out the positives, work for the social betterment/ But still a businessman, all of this has to benefit/ Earned a Bachelors, Masters, plus this Doctorate…/ Pulled in more directions than victims of ancient quartering/ But my authority, lyrically, it requires me/ To write the truth like entries in a diary/ I've never tried to be anything but the pinnacle/ And do the name justice of one whose just truly Lyrical
  • 1st Movement

    I comb through the entire- social media landscape/ Tryna find another who does it at this advanced state/ One who motivates and inspires with word choices/ Superb topics, instead of absurd voices/ Philanthropics instead of greed and destruction/ This is "How it Should be Done" - yall need instructions/ Follow along in a simple sixteen/ Step by step in a tested routine/ Best you may have seen, but still room for improvement/ Moonlight Sonata-you viewing the first movement/ First installment, listen how I evolve with/ Percussion and production effectively problem solve it/ The most solvent, artist you’re not involved with/ If you are not invited to Like it-don't bother/ The dope author, King Arthur -for all the/ People who been waiting too long for the God to falter
  • Purest Form

    Beyond reproach, with a flow, don't compare to most/ Topics intriguing, make y'all stop believing the hoax/ Folks, this is dope in the purest form/ Call y'all Yesmen, tell em y'all officially warned/ Scorn- half the world saying nothing at all/ Keepin' y'all dormant, scared of ever being involved/ This is highly evolved, architecturally sound/ This is Hip Hop, exactly how it's supposed to sound/ Follow no man, cautious to believe their views/ See the clues, agendas on the evening news/ Seated in pews, subliminal it seems too odd/ Saying "our God" as if the others' versions are wrong/ Public opinion, affects no policy change/ Unless it's shared by the few on the top of the chain/ Stop and complain, but no one really cares what you think/ Unless your super well prepared with how you use your ink
  • Bakula

    Impossible vernacular combinations spectacular/ Scott Bakula levels well ahead of the closest challenger/ Who started battling by grabbing an X-Caliber? And took it to doctoral levels, while still a bachelor/ Married with classical vocals, go do the algebra/ Genetically engineered perfection higher than Gattaca/ Master of every formula, volumes rival Britannica/ Never been bout the Benjamins, except for a few like Banneker/ Dudes now are mannequins, posing know their Shenanigans/ Ventriloquist, puppeteers, performing pleasing their management/ Taking advantage of immature rappers- managers/ Are dirty rotten scoundrels, playing Jeru the Damajas/ Promoters getting over, by over filling the undercard/ Charge a rapper to open at their local version of Wonderbar/ Yall need to wonder hard, what's the reason your doing it/ And if your scene is suffering whose the few that still ruin it?
  • I am Me

    Basically, you rhyme too basically/My interest has started to Wayne a lil, lazily/ I name names, none of you sound amazingly/ Lyrics so lackadaisical have ta listen complacently/ Came in the Game strong, but now they lost their advantages/ Competitive- before, now after the Army Canibuses/ You ignoramuses, fragile more than ceramics is/ Got solid MIC skills, work tools, like mechanics is/ But I am me, unfairest comparison/ Extraordinary Gentlemen, in a league that's embarrassing/ Boy George's battling George Harrisons/ Too many George Washingtons spending Benjamin Franklinish/ My Frank language is making it crystal clear/ Too many Puffy's in Skinnies with crystals in both ears/ Got dope gear, but substance a little suspect/ Plus no one wants to hear-you just rhyming bout one subject
  • Re-Tweet This

    I'm that post supposed apocalypse-Pointing at all you awkward/ Paranoid people, with water bottles in closets and/ Basement, attics & storage sheds/ I am trying ignoring them/ Enjoying them really, but really who is supporting them?/ Who is buying their meds for them? Stronger stuff than Excedrin/ Dressing up in their camouflage, not a chance of them blending in/ Betting on the anti-christ, anti-allah, they ante's in/ But in actuality, most of em's anti-everything/ Bet against their president, everything that he represent/ Present state of affairs, is stay afraid as a precedent/ Rushing ta Rush's morning show, Dennis Millerish News/ Breakfast with Beck - Checking Fox for they views/ Razor thin, as if open mind is a weakness/ If you know this is the truth, you should share and re-Tweet this...
  • 2 -2^3s

    Legend with the lyrics out the pages of folklore/ Rock a 1000+ or open mic @Soulkore In 10+ years be the mayor 2 vote 4 Dopest 8's any playa could hope 4 But not a playa, just the 1 that u quote more Hip like Zepi, used 2 roam through both stores Rarely purchased, I was more in the clothes stores With clearance racks, on a Mar-shall's world tour I write an eight before eight in the morning/ Before I even ate, put competition in mourning/ Before I sleep at 4 o'clock, performing/ Forming my next show in my kitchen, while yall is dormant/ While yall dorming I'm touring another campus/ Canvasing the quad with Professor Lyrical pamphlets/ Stamped "approved" by the student group who brought me/ So they don't throw em out when their hanging around the lobby
  • The poor odds

    Drugs thuggin and crime, a whole bucket of swine/people of color doing nothing but time/too many white people doing white color crime/hiding behind lawyers telling little white lies/how many brown people over seas gotta die?/before someone believes the policy's genocide/hypocrisy on the rise, but probably in disguise, in reality they tell a vision filled with lies/telling our children: don't believe their eyes/dismissing poverty, like you might win this lottery prize/a better school system where the tax is high/where the streets are well paved, and kids are well behaved/but, y'all better save if you loose that draw/where big Bertha is at the bus stop selling that raw/the laws crooked, plus y'all can be sure/the poor odds never favor one who's neighborhood's poor
  • 10Barz

    Bars harder than a barber getting ready to cut Chewbacka/ Who chargin' by the inch, price righter than Bob Barker/ Spit like a type writer, the type of writer who's taught authors/ How to increase the offers, out of the offices of a sponsor/ If I wanna, its obvious- could do 100 shows in Boston/ But Id rather do maybe two, and do a few conferences in Botswana/ Rocked a lot of colleges, you probably wouldn't respond ta/ Gone farther this last year, while still preparing to be a Doctor/ I wanna be honest with you, yall lack the skills to breakout/ But me, I wrote these ten bars, just waiting for my take-out - for real
  • The Recipe

    The recipe, for truly writing incredibly/Endless dedication, participating in everything/I read anything, mentally so extensively/Stay on a higher level you ever imagined the best could be/My ingredients, you don't have the integrity/20 plus vegetarian years of this endless energy/The same time I've written rhymes so steadily/fairly hard to believe you would question my earned celebrity/Still your petty to not acknowledge the cleverly/written creativity in me since I read Beverly/Cleary you clearly just missing your own identity/Preventing you from seeing the higher purpose perpetually/Worrying everything you don't have- the amenities/When actually your lacking the basics, mistaking many things/Missing the point like sentence endings repetitively/Is not creative license when you don't do it intentionally

    Verbalocity-Rapid fire LetterMan rocking Varcity/ Symbols on my jacket are fractions, do the Geometry/ 1200 tables, and 58 Mics properly/ Adorned over my heart as sacred objects all ought a be/ Walk confidently down the corridor constantly/ Aware of all competitors possibly thinking of mocking me/ Move cautiously, not afraid, but I'm honoring/ The time tested tradition of dissing the top authority/ I'm the majority's consensus of the dopest/ When every verse I author's a Thomas Magnum-ish Opus/ 44 reasons my Formula's hardly noticed/ So out of my league, I sit in the box with owners/ So out of the box, I'm aware of my own components/ Reading my own manual owners taking for granted/ Flow polished, chizzled up, pure granite/ Obedience -ingredients, everything's organic
  • Run-On-Sentence

    Undeniably everything that you try to be within society menace for my sobriety my variety vegetarian dietary concerned citizen Kane the proprietary rightful owner of copyright in the library of congressional non-confessional Christians monitor science but don't like the descriptions evolution of evolutionary depictions code encryption key since the Egyptians hieroglyphic monolithic evictions from the house of holy to benediction been addicted ta substance cause its missin from what's written the lyrics beyond senseless run on sentence endless commonsense-less who would invent such nonsense and send this through the ether cloud and any medium use the airwaves fill em with poor ingredients what the media gives us is just junkfood and fake news with fake hoops to jump through
  • Bursar

    Run up on your chancellor/demand to get an answer for/ What everything the bursar is collecting for, these burglars/ Charge handsome for a hamburger, though yes I'm just a herbivore/ How the price of slices, like that meat, someone must murder for? Catch me in the corridors, with quarters for the vending While I'm venting on the horrors of these costs that's never ending Spending small fortunes after searching online Tryna find a book instead of standing in these lines A couple hundred dollars for a book your barely read 3 months later only worth a couple cents Publishers inventing new editions like Maurice With barely no changes just to charge an extra fee Nothing is free, even your fees for activities That you ain't even using as a student is stupidity Exclusivity and prestige is funny You want it from a college- but it costs ya mad money
  • Face Book

    Facebook: you need to face the facts that a face in the book is a much better look than looking at faces, chucking up aces, or deuces, too scared to look. Your shook, cause their ain't no such thing as half way- houses for those posing like their life is on cribs, when their wife is in the house looking over their kids..leaning over their crib, eating left overs standing over the stove while their babies are starving no food on their bibs. What gives? Give what to the child that god blesses whose got his own? How many of us who are home owners really owns they homes? How many of us is too much when half of us is not present, but instead bring presents to impress their own? Gifts of Gold, Silver and Plat-num us from the truth, what's the use in that? How much use do youths get from each new Massachusetts Tax? Exclusive is wack, when it exclusively excludes by elusive acts. No inclusive class to introduce the facts that the fact is the truth is an ugly excuse for how the beautiful acts. 50 years ago saw one beautiful act, passed through a house but bussed em civilly right back.
  • Cohesive

    So cohesive, flows stick adhesive/ But sick of these sloppy cats all trying to worship Yeezus Leave an American expressly requesting needing their Visas For really no valid reason, except tryna ta act Parisian Pinky fingering drinking lattes while lingering Around picturesque cafes all day mingling Picture me not running a victory rap around these rappers though/ Lap them so easily when I be hitting them with the rapid flow/ Or with the slow mo, disciplined in the dojo You Obviously Lack Original lyrics screaming YOLO A couple a years ago you had to have Manolo But now you need on them Louboutons on Red carpets photos/ Remember when Louie Vitton was all the rage in solos/ Shots of Dapper Dan's shop on every MTV - YO But now since Neo rocked Armani in the Matrix You got every Keano Reeves only seeking those in latex
  • Riddle me this

    Riddle me this, who flows incredibly fresh?/Been on wax since 89, but not your typical vet/Who gets sicker just a little bit, each year I progress/But inconsistently predictable, not what you'd expect/Guess the cats out the bag, so I clearly digress/Individually consider me, ridiculous-ness/Yes, the answer to the question, is he verbally blessed/First three letters Pro, next four spell fess/Meaning time to come clean and admit to the rep/On the list number one is just a bit to my left/Yet, status is subjective, this is why I object/Suggest y'all to do the same, and keep it love and respect/Feel blessed ta be alive, let alone to have repped/What it means to emcee, and achieve some success/Best believe I'm bout my business, ain't no secrets I've kept/Cuz for real y'all know the deal I'm just completely obsessed
  • Xandu

    Skills- be a pity when dudes ain't understanding you/ Still- fill up the city with more jewels than Xanadu/ Lyrical- lose a fan or two, can not do, "keep it simple"/ Refuse to lower the bar, for these party people to Limbo/ To- contest me verbally, you will walk away certainly/ Mumbling under your breath, saying something muttering irkedly/ Might- have made the word up, but I think it worked perfectly/ Merk each & every Cameo, since Word Up commercially/ Mercifully rap last on a track, sensing the urgency/ How I Anchor ya jam with the skills of a Ron Burgundy/ Songs, be on strong-beyond just me personally/ Enough forces allied probably ta conquer Germany/ -Not concerned with these amateur verses serving these/ Herbs quicker than all of them old commercials for Burger King/ -For what its worth, my birth is the anniversary/ Of the earthling first wired to rhyme with hybrid circuitry/
  • Wordplay

    Wordplay. Nouns after the verbs say- Something that's action packed, but clowns think its their birthday Or its their birthright, write- and get instant airplay Want discount services, don't deserve to get worse place Thinking their first place, haven't made it to first base Willing just to slide into home on their very first date Pete been Nice though, well before Third Base But still don't come out of my mouth, unless its first rate/ Poetry person, rehearsing it since the first grade/ Still don't feel I'm perfect, but wanting it in the worst way/ Steady improving my music, use it like first-aide/ Help my self first, than HEAL the world like its Earth Day/ Read the book, we Put Em Ta Shame in the first place/ Cause someone had to do it - I told you why on the first page/ Search the name, the web, cloud, or my Merch page/ Play like its Thursday, support the kid with your work's wage/
  • Picturesque

    With the single hair of a very fine brush/ The way I paint lyrics & rhymes- I don't rush/ Details accumulate, nothing is insignificant/ Textures of the words that I choose - all deliberate/ Always considered the meaning of every word choice/ Every motif that I speak, capture the word's voice/ And the essence of, plus the reason for/ Capture the timing of, is it the season for?/ One of the seasons four, at the Four Seasons for/ R&R, B&B - but I don't sleep no more/ Maybe a couple of, catch a wink or two/ Rhyme constantly, I like to think em through/ Keep it picturesque Scriptures picture on my desk/ House is Immaculate, the concept -"Vintage Fresh"/ Timelessly comfortable - how my avatar suggests/ Strong but dressed a bit - like spinach with a vinaigrette
  • No Better

    Know better? Known of no better More clever, ever since Than Leather Since Stan's letter, seen how some sever The scene's severed, never been too-gether Too weathered, flock's been too tethered For every bird, we seen of their true feathers The true measure is who knows whomever Got every dude tryna be Hugh Heffner Skinny cow's, recruiting these huge heffers Small fish with big pond endeavors Their fault is when choosing their lieutenants They fall quick, whenever they loose tenants Said different, whenever the chips lacking Or financial backing is slim, they start packing All followers looking for team captains Riders and swallowers, someone slide em a napkin
  • Opus Mag

    Van Gogh of the flow, know no equal/ Opus Mag, there shall be no sequel/ Rep the people, keep it truthful/ Reap what we sew, live a life that's fruitful/ Reach the pupils, pace is light speed/ Pro L, the endangered mic fiend/ Breath life in the lungs of the main stream/ Speak to the young how ta make them pipe dreams/Two realities, one path is salary/Make them pipes scream, Seems like reality/Tell a vision to some, have em chasing it/No basic math, know the odds of making it/Worth the wait, why hath thou forsaken it?/Forced and faking it, literally raping it/Claimed the culture, your own way, staking it/Threw the heart, blood suckers, drove a stake in it.
  • Promise

    Life is short, so I write unlike its sport/More like life itself, write vital thoughts/More serious, material gets sliced apart/Dissected, until it's fine priceless art/Till perfected, redefine state-the-art/Beyond conception, bring together nations apart/Resurrection, where skills trump the marketing plan/And verses written go beyond the quest to target a fan/A positive man, I'm positive in concerts I can/Bring inspiration, control the mic with confident hands/The topic at hand: self betterment, competence, conquering/Social injustices, discussing these conglomerates/Make a promise with the public that's Pro Lyrical/Y'all will never catch me dumbing down my material/Rock imperial verses for the masses/Soon as the weekends over look forward to teaching classes
  • Period

    Spit that classical, autobiographical/ Master Craftsman, blacksmith grammaticals/ All natural, features I accentuate/ Any period. Period. I will punctuate/ They may punch you great, & gate your vocals up/ But in a local club, live- when I'm showing up/ You know they show me love quick, cause the kid is nice Wax since 89, you listening to Vincent Price/ The type of poet, drop a feature on a Michael cut/ You the type of rapper when you flowing have the mic get cut/ Is he nice or what? You? I'm probably screaming what? I'll sound like DMX on the mic doing vocal dubs/ Global buzz cuz the lyrics sound official like/ Since a little tyke, first table was a Fisher Price/ Now I'm like the Fisher King, sitting right next ta Emmett Price/ A couple classes in the morning, let me sleep -I was BORN ta write
  • Identity

    The intersection of science and creativity/where mathematics and music fuse in the same activity/The same identity, masculine femininity/The Matrix of all things, that brings forth the trinity/The realization that every thought on divinity/Are humanized conceptions all watered down for simplicity/Filled with mystery, yet still through the ministries/Many act in fact as if they have solved for infinity/Linear beings, all seeking out super symmetry/Yet look a little stupid when zooming in on the imagery/Immigration reform's taken a century/In a nation full of immigrants oughta be elementary/Our elementary system is still essentially/An urban penitentiary on European history/White washing the facts of human misery/Judiciously corrupted with economic efficiency/Molding our memories, plus they told us everything/Exactly in the opposite manner to know our enemies/Crushing our dreams by deeming us satisfactory/In actuality, just preparing us for the factories
  • Respond to the need

    Emerged out the crop, as the obvious cream/Feeding off of inner confidence, to conquer the scene/The proper esteem, self-assurance, field a competent team/While y'all is mortgaging your future, on some property liens/Doing conferences and concerts at the colleges seems/The most promising profession I could possibly dream/Never tried to chase them dollars on some marketing scheme/Indeed, accentuate the positives, don't bother with greed/Never played the Gordon Gekko, look what happened ta Sheen/Instead its full steam ahead as an awesome machine/A Boston regime, organized it realigning the theme/Simply brought some heads together to respond to the need/Demand and supply, demand an answer how can one be so fly/The handsomest guy, without a need for dress pants and a tie/The standard reply, is looks matter, when the subject is fine/A catchy hook because the web is filled with spiders and flies/I write my replies speak my peace and say peace and goodnight/And keep beasting while I'm speaking keeping up the good fight
  • Zenith

    Ascended to the zenith of Mt. Massivetheseskills/Out the depths of the valley of Raporbekilled/Happily built on the God given talents adorned with/Now more than just the will to succeeded I was born with/The forces of the universe, I've studied and practiced/Scholasticly the aptitude to verbally master/All things mathematically, I've certainly crafted/Careers out the two, into a master craftsmen/Perhaps than its obvious, why I emcee for/When 1600 was the SAT score/Each bar 100 with a grade individual/When scored on a scale from one to incredible/Hardly legible, so I typically type them/Android device, so I can typically Swype them/So my dopest freestyles, I've been known to swipe them/Out a cipher from myself when the audience likes them/They check ”almost always” whenever their surveyed/How often that they loving the Professor of wordplay/On my worst days, may have lost a round or two/But all in the crowd knew, exactly what I was bound to do/What I've amounted to was hardly a secret/Still exceedingly exceeding expectations I meet with/So the zenith's not a peak where I rest at/Its just a launch pad where I've stored my jet pack
  • T.O.E.

    I charge a premium, hearing me any medium/Skills extra large, while yall be rocking them smediums/Heads bobbin' all nodding along obedient/Response to my punchlines, along the lines of comedians/With longer lines when I drop than new iphones/Just to buy downloads, that's why they buy iphones/I know I rhymed with the same word-intentional//But I can make the same words sound so unconventional/The most professional level you've heard lyrically/Committed to upholding the written word like the Pharisees/No conspiracy theory, unless its everything/Word ta Steven Hawking, they gawking at my celebrity/Status of mathematician -whose Professional/Lyrics impressive, Professor whose -Pro Lyrical/Pro Choice, the flow, voice, and material/Socially for justice, so Jedi Forces'- Imperial
  • Methodically

    I don't spit bars, I think thoughts methodically/Put em in ta patterns, displaying em out properly/Jotted melodically, often over no beat though/Rarely miss a step, like Steph droppin them free throws/If I do, next day peep me in street clothes/Had to be an injury-suffered-never defeat though/Sick game-go back long as Colleco/Vision when I'm spitting that Venom, legend like "Beat Those"/Records pressed, still selling, check the receipts yo/Weekly Ups visits, plus shipping em over seas yo/But yall don't see though-respected globally/Championship form, Manu-script is Ginobili/So handing over the mic to me rapping locally/Let me be Blount-Legerrettly, vocally no one close to me/So when you notice me, mumbling anti-socially, alone back of the club, that's just me composing this poetry
  • Most of Yall

    Too many on trend, tryna spit that in verse/Most of yall's wack, but believe the inverse/Most of yall's trash, can't achieve a sick verse/Most of yall rap, shouldn't leave the gym first/I leave last, puttin in those reps first/Bars elevated, only leave when my chest hurts/Heart beats, see the beads on my sweat shirt/Blood sweat and tears, I put in till my head hurts/Body and mind, intertwined as a network/Gross motor skills-no regard for the net worth/I go to work, to perfect the next verse/Convinced in advance, it shall be my best work/A day later, ten verses older/My old best work, buried deep in my folder/And when I'm older and one day look back/I too shall recall, "Most of Yall" was wack
  • Cold Feelings

    Literally what I do on the mic is lyrically not possible/ Flow so remarkable, globally so responsible/ Study the teachings from the most philosophical/ Debating with the scholars over which is more honorable/ Course of action that I choose, move methodical/ Know the youth is watching, what I choose, must be logical/ Finding solutions with a proof from antiquity/ Listening to lectures from the greatest throughout history/ Most pivatal, scanning through the digital- archives/ The archetype, lyrically most critical/ Debate the biblical scholars on authenticity/ Respectfully rejecting your traditions of simplicity/ For complacency, biased and laced racially/ Even if its hidden and placed latent or blatantly/ But no mistaken me, and how I respond/ I speak my mind as a man and a child of God/

    Watchu cold for? I ain't sick, never had a cold sore/ I just got a feeling I'm worth twice what u sold for/ Album out on wax, in the back of your old store/ Gives me goose bumps, when the tunes pump, so sure/ This is that Cold Life, hold mics, on tours/ This is what you've waited for, debuts, encores/ When I drop, more bombs then the cold war/ One liners, sink ships, what I'm known for/ Confidence, consciousness, battling yall cocky kids/ International, rolling with the FrostyFin/ Rockin parties in Finland when its freezin out/ Scream and shout with these Beetles till I squeeze em out/ Straight stompin in my 12 inch timberlands/ Give ya goose bumps like these New England winters is/ Or these winters are, I know what the sentence is/ The Professor, all of yall is my apprentices/

    Fundamentally sound, that's why I'm Lyrical/ The Professor, who can judge your material/ With yall inferior flows I'm not feeling you/ Foe or Fam, I got no problem failing you/ So come prepared or get teared apart critically/ Yall don't have the skills to freestyle the recipe/ That's why I constantly build in the lab endlessly/ When stress gets the best of me, I put it to a melody/ Keep my enemies close, know their identities/ In case they wanna assassinate my character like Kennedy's/ Politicking for life, move methodically/ Till every word I spit on the mic is new policy/ You are not possibly, what you think you're probably/ a poor imitation that's duplicated sloppily/ My advice: define yourself properly/ So only those who rhyme like yourself, are those copying

    Yall subordinates, step to the back stop recording it/ Yall wanna feel important than give to the less fortunate/ You have not mastered the basic skills important ta/ Rockin the mic right without boring the audience/ How to embody the essence of true mastery/ elementary skills surpassing mental capacities/ Better than what I have to be every letter is actually/ Mathematically, patterned to even balance grammatically/ Academically talented Valid Vic of The Academy/ Challenge me, intellectually, you will fail I am faculty/ Battle me that's a fallacy, naturally more competitive/ Evidentally mentally boring most are repetitive/ Whether rookies or veterans, better than I have ever been/ Feather pens, swiping or typing writing is evidence/ Or we can Skype if ya like across the continents/ Watch how them cold feelings, come chill out your overconfidence/
  • Archangel

    Archangel, handle arcs and angles/Well-calculated, watch the thoughts untangle/String theorists, fluid-quantum-mechanics/Aquatic organics, underwater bottom Atlantic/An awesome ad-vantage, when it’s sub-atomically managed/Semi-automatically-anatomically-brandished/Causing a panic, once I start launching them cannons/Cause em ta vanish, dust em off, shoulders volcanic/I Reign Man, Dustin Hoff, cover the Planet/To govern this barren, third rock, Governess - Barron's/Only apparent, thrown's heir, planning to parent/ Prepared for evolutionary-anthropological antics/Antarctica annexed, once the carbon levels gigantic/And Attica's been after more prison cells for the banished/Industrial Complexities -Alcatrazical famines/While Gattaca's reality, implemented and branded
  • Culmination

    The culmination of practicing poems endlessly/ Hear how music sounds when humans approach mastery/ Fused exactly- seamlessly how it had to be/ That Post-Grad Doctoral Level Royal Academy/ Blue collar factory worker ethic mentality/ Balanced between a Biggie meets Shakespearean tragedy/ Actually- don’t have to be fans, y’all change gradually/ And outgrow the clubs, expand their mental capacities/ Take it right back to the streets so we can naturally/ Do what we did since we was kids, as we grew gradually/ Improved our strategies, Rap shows, establishing/ Name as the fame grew, as we made moves from battling/ First pressed a record in 89 with X-Caliber/ The same year Shame was a World Supremacy Battler/ That's decades on the calendar we have made an impression in/ Welcoming the future, when this is what we remembering/
  • Six Teens

    Been out rhymed ever? I'm like maybe once/ Got six teens for decades- Brady Bunch/ Fam, do the math that was a crazy punch/ Line for line, plus got a name they trust/ Lyrical Pro, plus the eights are tough/ Ounces of flow, yo, raise ya cups/ Most get stuck tryna do what the others do/ I never drank, never smoked like the other dudes/ Milk instead, on that Audio Two tip/ Until they started checkin’ my rhymes -word ta Q-Tip Few can do what I been doing a lifetime/ Building a movement through choosin’ ta write rhymes Workin the pipeline schools ta jobs/ Apple a day for the next Steve Jobs/ The next Martha Haynes, or Elbert Frank Cox/ Dudley Weldon Woodard and the names ring on.../ **You ain’t heard of them? It proves my thesis/ Too many simply up on the moves of Yeezus News that reaches our newest devices/ Simply just uses all our deepest of vices/ Custom content exploiting our fears/ And all of our desires we’ve acquired for years/ Require our peers to review it and like us/ Through avatar emoji’s who look nothing like us***
  • Concrete

    Concrete over the beats, keep the clique complete/ Dag-most like KT, while I'm keeping it street/ Yall can't compete, that's a feat too laborious/ Way that I play with these [matrices]-leavin’ em’ envious as Morpheus/ Forming the formulas, Van Jones-type-Glorious/ Reporting what’s important, solving for X -the rap historian/ Majority of the content, that’s sponsored nothing but nonsense/ So anything sounding conscious, over the airwaves-preposterous/ Most of them is so boring, what’s worse than that, they informants/ Snitch on themselves, plus everyone else, what’s sells is not the performance/ Enhancements not in question, when level of skill is so less than/ Below the bar, so every bar they spit’s a poor investment/ They getting no return on, yet every station you turn on/ Substituting skills, with misogynistic turn ons/ The only burn on the airwaves is for mindlessness/ So don’t blame the kids coming up they know what time it is
  • The Process

    Name your specialty, fame that I claim, reign incredibly/ Legibly the lyrics I stain, remain indelibly/ Celebrity— gained respect penning these melodies/ And verses I disperse on the tracks, crafted steadily/ Readily available, commentary with intellect/ Thought that I put into the words, make worlds intersect/ Intercepting arsenals, battle tested but presently/ Seeking competition’s cerebral with self mentally/ Beyond the self-help, on my shelf dwells the recipe/ Authored my epiphany –reinvent the identity/ Professorial, more sartorial emphasis/ Substance never suffered, just more concerned with the penmanship/ All the details window dressing, I’m stressing it/ Cause how can I expect it from others if I ain’t reppin it/ There’s no question the product pressed is impressive/ But the process in itself is as pressing as any message is/
  • Verbally

    Verbally, still the closest thing to certainty/ When it comes to spitting perfectly, precise as surgery/ Laser tuned circuitry, immune to buffoonery/ Relentless pursuit of perfection, flexed musically/ Sun Tzu'lishly, moves made, maneuvering/ Skillfully, with diligence, till its near consuming me/ Must assume that these-interviewers pursuing me/ Presumably can speak about Hip Hop with fluency/ Ask me questions like "Who exactly" influenced me?/ Rattle off a list, then they look at me rather stupidly/ Like youths that Google me, see me with little jewelry/ And foolishly conclude, "that Professor ain't never schooling me"/ Then hear me spit-and instantly changes everything/ Like how they rarely hear from me, ever spitting on anything Immediately asking me, how I spit so incredibly/ Eric B & Rakim with it, guess I Followed the recipe...
  • Bars

    Bars for the bars, parties, clubs, in the theaters/ 15's on the come up, got them quinceaneras/ 16's in the wing, ain't even write them yet/ Still they anxious to roll, like a license test/ Might try em back to back, sounds better than most/ Got them night school trienta y dos/ My enemies close, they looking over my shoulders/ Tryna peep out the heat and start converting that solar/ Well decorated, that's them bars of a soldier/ Three stripes like a sergeant, wear them bars on my shoulder/ Give em keys too early, driving over the shoulder/ Bars are too potent that I wrote in my folder/ "Might be the GOAT" save that quote till I'm older/ I ain't even force ghosted, they compare me to Yoda/ Luke-like-lyrics-light-saber in toga/ So save them ancient texts, 'fore I light-up your pagoda/

    Get it, you know my attitude, you should probably at it to/ Your almond set of almanacs, all bout how I go at a dude/ Don't need a volume, I only need a chapter to/ Follow up after you, in fact give me chapter two/ Don't need volume, I does what I have ta do/ A rapper who'll meet you in the park like its after school/ So in the play ground, stay down, don't ask me to/ Show you how these punch lines land, man embarrass you/ Wanna be fly from jump, but got no parachute/ Foot work's got no soul like an old pair of shoes/ Like some Paris dudes, your not prepared to do/ Anything looking like war, you need a pair or two/ Other better brighter ideas, who ever paired us dude/ Really didn't do you no help, its not the fairest to/ Compare us two together, unparalleled with these odds/ Competing with bars uneven, more than Dominique Dawes/
  • Dunumbers

    Some say sales make emcees successful/ But I put bars over numbers like repeating decimals/ These chess moves I'm making, just a minor hassle/ Spent knights in the Courtyard, prepared for the castle/ Since I turned my tassel to the left for the third time/ Suddenly in the academy I'm a star cause the words rhyme/ After the first time, they saw the potential/ Higher level lyrics dropped upon instrumentals/ Eventually, we made the Why instrumental/ Charted vinyl with two crews, dudes knew my credentials/ Still essential, I improve and ascend to/ Unprecedented levels, growth exponential/ P times the quantity 1 + r/raised to the "t" make'm reach for the stars/ Teach the odds, at the same time factually/ Made a million plus just my salary as faculty
  • Not the Norm

    Not your norm, flow with a flawless form/ No rehearsal, eternally prepared to perform/ Adorned, with telling symbols of success that I've seen/ The body posture, reflective of the inner-esteem/ Indeed, know my worth, and the value I bring/ Study the classics, learned in the ways of I-Ching/ I think, with contemplation on the nature of man/ Been many places, seen the faces, and the hatred of man/ Its planned, love is harder, we're emotionally poor/ Corner store hopelessness turns to homelessness-sure/ As we breathing, millions more soon won't/ Prematurely, like predicting victory as we vote/ I've wrote, a 14 but to make it complete/ I'll freestyle the final two to include what I see.../
  • The equivalence

    The equivalence, martial the art, made it a discipline/Ways that I've trained from the start, put ancient wisdom in/Words that I script with the pen, place precision in/Advanced from just a spitter of gems- to a caligraphist/Many just, think it's a job- lack the business sense/Been offered many officer roles by distinguished gentlemen/Extraordinary, league of my own, started commissioning/Rare priceless, pieces of art, model my penmanship/Follow my scholarship, borrowed without acknowledging/Biting without citing the God as the one who authored it/Mind, body, spirit and heart, uniquely positive/Qualities, don't get it confused I still demolish it/Embrace the label, they say I'm droppin' that consciousness/Cuz most these major label alternatives sound monotonous
  • Do what I does

    It's not that I don't go to check half of this stupid rap/It's just the fact I just prefer to watch shows with Scoop & Scrap/Plenty rappers was wack, but knew just where they stood/But now in every hood, it's the worst whose called good/Beyond dumbed down, the dumbest is propped up/They numb us to what's up, the game is ucked fup/But I ain't worried, I just do what I does/Does what I do, one of the chosen few I musically trust/A beautiful love, wait on my self to spit something so inspiring/Checking my site daily to see if the Prof's hiring/Prophesizing it up, with no conspiring/No flat earth theories, you'll hear me among the scientists/Put the A into STEM and make it STEAMIER/Modern day Robert Fulton, look it up on Wikipedia
  • Bona Fide

    Even my name's—lyricism personified Professor Lyrical, all materials bona-fide Peep game, on these after-markets, we customize With mustard on that James Bond Aston Martin remodified Keep in your lane, my pole position is qualified Mul-ti, no tie, less you talkin' bout Dollar $igns Serial killer for skrilla—hip hopper homicide Fingerprint’s all over this trigger-moment don’t wanna hide All of my warriors carry, they fully authorized/ Keep a team of shooters around me—“Big Willy” Caulley Stein From long range, Lebron James, when on stage/ Some wanna be famous, the wrong way—Salonge’s name/ Beyond Shame, these topics we wanna glorify/ Normalizing violence communities ruined horrified Demoralizing as rhymers lie about gun-bars Schools produce these shooters like Reggie Lewis at Dunbar

    Our son's are-just needing more of their father's time Mornings pouring cereal, vitamins all been fortified Before they four or five, kids can lose their joy inside Father Time waits for no man-who doing four to five Important times, like skills—hard ta quantify Even over boom bap beats, still seem modernized Confidence at a peak we won't apologize Be the change that we seek, peaking on Spotify Let’s lead our people, away from evil we traumatized/ Till we the people, are truly equal and organized/ Philosophizer of flows—check how a scholar rhyme/ Commodified these college degrees—bottom line/ Keep the chains, let’s rearrange, and get authorized And put it down on a mortgage and watch it amortize

    Look how they glamorize, make these rapper fantasize -Quick ta lose all they loot, that’s word ta Hammer Time Until the hammer flies, in the streets vandalized -Oftentimes misdiagnosed, over politicized Ain’t nothing changed, since Missy said super-duper fly Same as Super Fly in 72’, I’m stupefied Maybe some Karl Kani’s swapped for them Super Drys Went from super-sized through skinnies like Oprah Winfrey thighs But who am I, to tell ya to even do or try? Professor Lyrical-Dr. Plourde-immortalized/ There’s more ta life than lying to youth so utilize This beautiful life before your lying euthanized Cause being truthful I'm a simple Massachusetts guy Make no excuses, can hang with them dudes in suits and ties/ I've come far, since Fung Wah when I used ta drive Back and forth to New York to form into this music guy
  • Freshness

    Consistently fresh, with every step, Gordon Sumner'ish rep/ Hit the gym, pack a pen, put up some thunderous reps/ A wondrous quest, lose the world, for universal respect/ "Knowledge comes, wisdom lingers," that's a quote that I've kept/ Dopest you've met? That's for you, what I do is invent/ Flesh the truth out, doubting what I used to accept/ Except, know the limits, -Master P was correct/ There's No Limit, prove it using delta with x/ The whole process, -involving alche-mystic intent/ Crafting something out the null, always present in sets/ My present is set, still the future undetermined as yet/ Stayin' reflective on the past, paves a path to "expect"/ And what to reject, more important than the rules or the steps/ Intuition; fruition of just using our sense/ Choosing to sense, opportunities as new ones commence/ Staying loose, and letting go, with any false pre-tense/
  • The Verbalist

    Show me the verbalist, better version wordsmith with multipurposeness/Customized satisfaction, approval scores bout these services/I got a feeling none more appealing whose verses is/Worthy ta represent us more perfect than any Earthling is/So stop your searching, it's my assertion this person is/ Certainly on the surface assertive showing no nervousness/ Flown for purposes over more globe surfaces/Only drones patrolling alone known more occurrences/ Work this metal like tools smelted in furnaces/Burnish it like a veteran's weapon thanked for my services/ Think how absurd it is, me in some local skirmishes/Some muy loco vocalist tryna provoke disturbances/ Keep my cool, for hours like old thermoses/But, sooner or later I'm sure I won't be as courteous/ Relativly impervious, trust me among the sturdiness/But once I'm off this furniture, cousin, I fight the dirtiest
  • Sun Tzuviest

    The Sun Tzuviest, unsung enthusiast/ Who's truly just ready ta blow like Vesuvius/ Sort of unruly its not just, the duty its/ The beauty, for the love of the game -The Joe Cooliest/ Who is the new authority? Media fueled hypocrisy/ Insecuriousity basking in mediocrity Positive ID'd on the scene -autopsy-turveyed the/ Second that I check an emcee so self servingly/ I am certainly, words that emerge perfectly/ Urgently, reemerging, and merged in the first personally/ My personalities quiet reserved at first with these/ Interviews and news personalities, on salary/ My vitality stems from originality/ cells, my self sells that self-help mentality-/ My capacity -ever expands naturally/ In control of my own-known, student body and faculty/