Keynotes/Performances/Panels/Workshops/Hostings/Papers/Hostings/Talks (Incomplete List)

 ·11/29/17   Times2 Institute STEM  (Warwick, RI) -“STEM Talks,” Closing Talk & Performance

 ·11/15/17   Busboys & Poets @ 5th & K (Washington, DC) -Feature Perfromance, Performance/Spoken Word

 ·10/20/17   UDC David A. Clarke School of Law (Washington, DC) -Gender Justice Project Conference, Performance/Talk

 ·10/18/17   Howard University (Washington, DC) -Beats & Books (Music industry/education), Panelist/Talk

 ·10/09/17   Connecticut College (New London, CT) -Mellon Mays Undergrad Fellowship Pathways to the Professoriate, Lecture

 ·09/23/17   University of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC) -UDC Film Festival Closing "I Am Not Your Negro", Performance

 ·09/20/17   University of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC) -Fall 2017 UDC Convocation Closing Selection, Performance

 ·09/13/17   Kennedy Center (Washington, DC) -Pitch and Flow www.PitchandFlow.com -Socially Conscious Hip Hop & Entrepreneur pairings of corporate pitch through Hip Hop battle performances (Lyrical Winner for Sunculture.com ), Performance

 ·07/19/17   Northeastern Univ. (Boston) - Performance and talk at "NeXT" Experential Learning Conference for innaugural cohort

 ·03/09/17   USC (Los Angeles, CA) - Professors Shafiqa Ahmadi & Darnell Coles' 1st Spoken Justice event for the Center for Education Identity & Social Justice, Feature Performance

 ·03/08/17   USC (Los Angeles, CA) -"Dr. V." Class visit, Discussion

 ·03/02/17   MIT (Cambridge, MA) -Professor Karatsolis Rhetoric Class visit, Discussion/Performance

 ·11/19/16   UMass Boston -Boston Public Library Showcase Massachusetts Hip Hop Archive, Talk

 ·10/25/16   Boston Public Library (Rabb Hall) -Shakespeare Smackdown (won), Performance/Battle

 ·3/19/16     SEIU1199 Union Hall (Dorchester, MA), Hip Hop 4 Flint Boston, Performance

 ·3/05/16     333 Tremont, Boston, MA –Cipher Divine, Hip Hop Education (Lyricism), Performance/Class

 ·02/18/16    MIT (Cambridge, MA) -Professor Karatsolis Rhetoric Class visit, Discussion/Performance

 ·02/08/16    Landmark College (Putney, VT) -The Process of Self-Betterment and Redefining your Identity, Performance/Talk

 ·01/20/16    UTEC (Lowell, MA) -Lyricism contest, discussion and performance, Performance/Talk

 ·12/16/15    UTEC (Lowell, MA) -Lyricism discussion and performance, Performance/Talk

 ·07/28/15    Northeastern Univ. [Westin Copley Hotel (Boston)] -Completing the Doctoral Thesis Proposal, Panelist

 ·05/02/15    York University (Toronto) -Critical Ethnic Studies Conference, Performance/Talk

 ·04/16/15    Northeastern Univ. (Boston) -Toastmasters Talk, Speaking/Performing

 ·03/27/15    Salem State University -Hip Hop Conference, Speaking/Performing 

 ·03/17/15    Northeastern Univ. (Boston) -Texpo Keynote Address 

 ·10/31/14    UPCEA Regional Conference –Closing Session Presentation/Keynote Talk 

 ·10/01/14    Tech Boston Academy, Dorchester, MA –Presentation/Talk w/students

 ·9/27/14      UMass-Lowell -University Crossing –Performance

· 9/11/14      Central Connecticut State University –Performance

· 6/02/14      Silver Lake Regional Middle School (Kingston, MA) –Presentation/Performance  

· 5/22/14      Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Boston Celtics "Stay in School" event, Keynote Speaker/Performance  

·  5/09/14     TEDx PiscataquaRiver –The Transformative Power of Hip Hop Culture, Featured Speaker

·  5/08/14     Boston CollegeHip Hop, It’s History, It’s Effects, Featured Panelist/Performer

·  2/26/14     Emerson College –Victory Stride, 60 Years of Civil Rights Progress, Featured Performer/Speaker

·  2/20/14     UMass-Boston –Class Presentation w/Dr. Pacey Foster (Creative Markets and Hip Hop), Speaker

·  2/19/14     Boston College –Black History Month (Hip Hop & Black History), Panel/Speaker

·  10/11/13   Bristol Community College –Gateway Program Guest Speaking Event, Speaker/Performance 

·  9/26/13     Metropolitan State U. of Denver –Sankofa Lecture Series, Featured Speaker Lecture/Workshop

·  9/19/13     Univ. of Illinois Chicago -Academic Paper/Panel Presentation

·  9/03/13     Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Incoming Student Event, Emcee/Host/Speaker/Performance 

·  7/22/13     Northeastern Univ. (Boston) -Boston Parks & Recreation Summer Concert, Emcee/Performance

·  5/23/13     Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Boston Celtics "Stay in School" event, Keynote Speaker/Performance 

·  10/12/12   MIT Media Lab –Museum of Science/Intel Computer Clubhouse, Speaker/Performance

·  5/23/12     Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Boston Celtics "Stay in School" event, Keynote Speaker/Performance  

·  4/12/12     Monmouth U. –Increasing STEM Degree Attainment for Under Represented Minorities, Acad. Paper

·  3/24/12     SNHU Southern NH University –NHHEAF Destination College Keynote, Speaker/Performance 

·  3/23//12    New England Institute of Art (Boston) –College wax cylinder recording w/John Krivit, workshop

·  11//10/11  Northeastern Univ. (Boston) –Sickle Cell Event w/ Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Host/Performance  

·  10//29/11  MCI Norfolk State Prison –La Familia and Young Father's Event, Speaker/Performance 

·  10/28/11   Northeastern University (Boston) –LASO.CVS @ AfterHours w/Yunel Cruz, Performance 

·  8/21/11     Northeastern University (Boston) –Color in Freedom, Speaker/Performance 

·  8/14/11     Possible Project (Cambridge) –High School student entrepreneurialism talk, Speaker/Performance 

·  8/11/11     CCSC, Community Charter School of Cambridge –Career Glimpse, Speaker/Performance 

·  5/26/11     Northeastern U. (Boston) –Boston Celtics "Stay in School" event, Keynote/Performance 

·  3/26/11     SNHU Southern NH University –NHHEAF Destination College Keynote/Performance

·  12/02/10   New England Institute of Art (Boston), Speak/Performance

·  12/01/10   Northeastern University (Boston) –Class Presentation w/Prof. Emmett Price, Speak/Performance

·  10/24/10   Showa Institute of Japan (Boston), Speak/Performance

·  5/04/10     Showa Institute of Japan (Boston), Speak/Performance

·  4/22/10     Bay State College –Haley House (Dorchester), Performance/Benefit 

·  3/28/09     SNHU Southern NH University –NHHEAF Destination College Readiness, Speak/Performance

·  3/12/09     Curry College –Healthy Choices W/District Attorney Keating, Speak/Performance

·  5/07/08     Northeastern University –Sports in Society, Speak/Performance  

·  4/21/08     Harvard Grad School of Ed. –Black Student Union Youth Day, Speak/Performance

·  3/22/08     SNHU Southern NH University –NHHEAF "How College Made the Difference," Panel/Performance

·  2/19/08     Berklee College –Songwriting Department Guest Lecturer, Speak/Performance 

·  4/21/07     Harvard Grad School of Ed. –Black Student Union Youth Day, Speak/Performance

·  4/20/07     Bristol Comm College –NE Mathematical Assoc. of  2 Year Colleges, Performance

·  4/06/07     Bentley College –"The Business & Culture of Hip Hop," Speak/Performance

·  4/05/07     Bentley College –"The Business & Culture of Hip Hop; Historical Context," Lecture/Performance 

·  4/03/07     Eastern Nazarene College –Youth Violence Prevention, Keynote Speaker/Performance

·  3/17/07     Plymouth State College –8th NHHEAF Destination College, Panel/Performance

·  2/26/07     Harvard Graduate School of Ed. –Screening of "Beyond Beats & Rhymes," Panel/Workshop 

·  2/01/07     Emmanuel College –Screening of "Beyond Beats & Rhymes,” Panel

·  1/23/07     Democracy Center Harvard Sq/Harvard –Screening of "Beyond Beats & Rhymes,” Panel 

·  11/04/06   New England Institute of Art –IBS Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS), Panel

Professor Lyrical's Curriculum Vitae:


Northeastern University

EdD Higher Education 

(Dissertation: Increasing STEM degree attainment for underrepresented populations - investigates increasing cultural capital through the implementation of Hip Hop culture into higher education curriculua and pedagogical practices)

Courses Taken:

EDU7202 Transforming Human Systems; EDU7209 Introduction to Doctoral Studies; EDU7210 Leadership Theory and Research; EDU7214 Learning and Human Development; EDU7244 Curriculum Theory and Practice: Implications for Educational Research; EDU7250 Organizational Systems & Institutional Governance; EDU7253 Legal Environment of Higher Education; EDU7256 Financial Decision Making in Higher Education; EDU7258 Strategic Management in Higher Education; EDU7258 Fundamentals of Research; EDU7204 Global & Historical Perspectives in Higher Ed; EDU7281 Research Design; EDU7283 Proposal Development - Qualitative


University of Massachusetts Lowell

MS Mathematics

BS Business (Marketing/Economics)

Faculty Positions:

Higher Education

Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Assistant Academic Specialist, College of Professional Studies (summer 2010-)

Full-Time Lecturer of Mathematics, College of Professional Studies, Foundation Year (summer 2010-)

Courses Taught:

Calculus, Calculus II Recitation, Intro to Calculus, Precalculus, Statistics, College Mathematics, Alg II, Alg I, Prealgebra, Foundations of Math, Microeconomics, Pedagogy of Teaching Mathematics, Math Methods (graduate)

-Adjunct Professor Assignments:

New England Institute of Art, Brookline, MA

  • Algebra, 63 credits/21 sections (fall 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, spring 08, 09, 10, 11)
  • Basic Math, 12 credits/3 sections (fall 07, spring 08, summer 10)

Bay State College, Boston, MA

  • Convention Planning & Promotion, 3 credits (spring 07)
  • Sports Entertainment, 9 credits/2 sections (fall 08, 09, summer 10)
  • First Year Student Advisor (fall 08)
  • Entertainment Management Internship Seminar, 7 credits/3 sections (fall 08, 09, spring 09)
  • Algebra, 6 credits/ 2 sections (spring 09, winter 11)
  • Statistics, 12 credits/4 sections (spring 09, fall 09, fall 14 [online], spring 15 [online])
  • Music Industry, 3 credits (spring 10)
  • Venue Management, 3 credits (spring 10)
  • American Music in the 20th Century [online], 3 credits (spring 11)

Fisher College, Boston, MA

  • Algebra, 12 credits/4 sections (fall 09, spring 10)

Lasell College, Newton, MA

  • Event Planning (advanced), 9 credits/3 sections (fall 06, 07, 08)
  • Event Planning & Entertainment Production, 9 credits/3 sections (spring 07, 08, 09)
  • Geometry, 3 credits (spring 08)
  • First Year Student Advisor/Teacher - Hip Hop Culture and Lyricism, 3 credits (fall 08)
  • Musical Comedy, 3 credits (fall 08)
  • Music Appreciation II, 3 credits (spring 09)

Boston Culinary Institute (Le Cordon Bleu), Cambridge, MA

  • Basic College Math, no credit course/3 sections (summer 08)
  • College Math, 20 credits/8 sections (summer 08, 09)

Middlesex Community College, Lowell/Bedford, MA

  • Algebra (intermediate), 6 credits/2 sections (fall 2000, 06)
  • Basic Math, 3 credits (fall 06)
  • Algebra I/II, 8 credits/2 sections (fall 07)

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Boston, MA

  • Algebra II/Trigonometry, 3 credits (fall 06)
  • Basic Math, 6 credits/2 sections (fall 06)
  • Statistics, 3 credits (spring 07)


Lowell Public Schools (2000-2005)

Mathematics and Business Instructor Lowell High School, Alternative Program (2000-2005)


"LYRICAL" is known as one of the most respected names in the New England Hip Hop scene.  He is as confortable on a stage as he is in the classroom teaching mathematics or music industry related courses. He has well over 50 published songs, including releases that have topped national college radio charts. His most recent album, Put Em All To Shame, has had singles chart at #1 on Soundcloud as well (including over 160,000 plays for one record alone), and is also packaged with a 200 page book, Put Em All To Shame (The Curriculum), which Professor Lyrical authored over the course of the last two years. The album and book (or "albook") are available everywhere online, and in several retail stores such as Newbury Comics. The album/book combo is the world's first "albook" and is designed to be experienced together as a multi-media experience.

In addition to being an actual full-time assistant "teaching" professor at Northeastern University, Professor Lyrical was instrumental in promoting scores of Hip Hop shows in Boston throughout the early and mid 2000s. He has held residencies and planned events at most major venues now welcoming Hip Hop.  Lyrical and executives of the Mass Industry Committee spearheaded the highly acclaimed (and sold out to 1000 person crowds) M.I.C. Hip Hop Awards, est. 2006.  Lyrical was a vital member of Mayor Menino’s “Hip Hop Round Table” and several City of Boston Peace Fests, opening for artists like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim along the way, while also helping to plan aspects of the show in conjunction with the city. He has won numerous freestyle/MC battles and awards for his amazing ability to improvise and create intricate lyrics right in the middle of a performance.  

Lyrical travels to schools and events to perform and speak on issues which are important to him; he is one of the more sought after speakers on topics centering on education, music, Hip Hop culture, social justice, and/or bridging gaps in the community. Lyrical was a featured Tedx Talk speaker in Portsmouth, NH speaking on the power of Hip Hop culture, especially when introduced into the classroom.

A native of Lowell, he earned a BS in Business Administration (Marketing/Econ.) from UMass-Lowell and was hired to write the business plan for the Alternative Program at Lowell High where he taught math and business for 6 years. He also earned his MS in Mathematics from UMass-Lowell while taking his last three courses for his degree at Harvard University after moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 2016, Professor Lyrical earned his doctoral degree from Northeastern University, where he also has been teaching full-time since 2010. Lyrical has also been contracted as an adjunct professor by many Boston area colleges, lecturing on subjects ranging from Hip Hop to Calculus, most of these courses were taught before even completeing his first graduate degree in 2009 (something relatively unheard of within academia).  Professor Lyrical has taught over 150 college and university courses to date.

Lyrical's ability to work a stage has directly translated to the classroom and has lead to the development of stimulating curriculum delivered via inovative pedagogy which he constantly revists and revises. His college experience lead to the creation of The College Project (Through the Eyes of Pupils), a 2009 album featuring only Lyrical's students as the guest artists, producers, engineers, graphic artists and photographers on the project. "Dr. Lyrical" defended his thesis in the winter of 2016, which is entitled "Increasing STEM degree attainment for underrepresented populations."

As a teacher, businessman and artist Lyrical is highly involved in many of the events helping shape the face of Hip Hop culture and urban entertainment in Massachusetts. He has been featured on Boston television shows many times including, Chronicle (WCVB-ABC) with Bianca DelaGarza, Urban Update (WHDH-NBC) with Byron Barnett, CityLine (WCVB-ABC) with Karen Holmes Ward, and many more. Nationally he was featured on The Discovery Channel's Animal Planet: "Dogs 101", October 3rd, 2009; this popular episode repeats periodically. Lyrical also was a core extra in the Paramount movie, School Ties (staring Brendand Frasier, Matt Damon, Ben Afleck, Chris O'Donell, and more), where he played a 1950s high school student on the school basketball team.


 UDC - Convocation 9/20/17