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iNFiNiTi [Album] by Lyrical $7.00

This album is put together like a full story. It was recorded in the iNFiNiTi in part, and represents how Lyrical came up freestyling in the car. The guests who get in the car ride with him, after he picked it up at the dealer, are actually featured on the songs they will go on to listen to while in the new iNFiNiTi. Lyrical actually purchased the car the final week of completing the album to hear it straight out of the studio when done. This is captured on the skit production between songs. Production by Decap, Nyda, Caz-1, D-Tension, Iroq, Session, Nelly ProToolz, and even an old X-caliber track produced by Ski (now Ski Beats) plays in the background during the car ride. Enjoy the award winning album which starts and ends with X-Caliber tracks, which lyrical began his career with as an emcee recording classic vinyl. Photos by A.Garcia,